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Who is the "Real" Author?

*NOTE: Before posting a comment, please read this WHOLE discussion through to the end. Just a suggestion. . . .*


         “Chronicles of Eden” – Season 1 was, needless to say, a pretty big thrill ride. We had engaging characters, fascinating mysteries, intense and frightening scenarios that had us all hanging on the edge of our seats. Much of this is thanks to the series having a well-thought-out plot. It’s more than just action and bedroom bonding; there’s also careful consideration behind what happens and why.

         Now, this is quite an obvious statement, but all stories have some sort of plan or destination that they are working towards. And we can all trust that Mr. Gordon knew what he was doing.

         At least, up until the end of Act XI.

         Why do I say this, you ask? Well . . . bear with me here. What if Alexander Gordon, the author of CoE . . . isn’t the one who wrote Act XII?

         (the reader pauses as all sound comes to a halt)

         Now, many of you are probably thinking, “What nonsense is this? The book was CLEARLY written by Alexander Gordon. His name is on the cover and everything!”

         Well, mysterious vague reader who isn’t just me acting out as someone else, you have a point. For the most part, much of what happened in Act XII went according to plan. But, as we know (because I brought it up so much in the past), Aeon the Chronofly changed fate so that things played out differently.

Daemon and his group didn’t make it to Green Haven, Mika joined the guardians, Squeak died, Daniel slayed a Dark Queen by himself, and the Gemini still, nevertheless, died. It pretty much went how Mr. Gordon originally planned, but . . . it ended differently than what was intended.

         But what do I mean by this? “What was intended.” 

         Up until Act XII, every entry in the series was written by Alexander Gordon. We, the readers, had little doubt that he was the one guiding us through his creative landscape. He’s the only who could after all. Eden and its people ARE his creations.  All things considered, it seems unlikely, if not impossible, that anyone else could tell us this story. For Acts I through XI, this would be correct.

         But, believe it or not, there IS someone else who could have written Act XII. Someone else could have taken away Mr. Gordon’s own creation and is now manipulating it into their own twisted narrative.

         And who is this someone else? Who is this mastermind? Why, it should come as no surprise. There’s only one person who could know as much as Mr. Gordon does, who could write the book and act as though he’s still in control. The very person who altered fate so Squeak would die.


         That’s right. Aeon the Chronofly is the new author. SHE wrote Act XII. Mr. Gordon may have been holding the pen, but Aeon’s pulling the strings.

         Now, before you write this off as a theory that’s so OBVIOUSLY untrue (*wink*), let’s take a few things into consideration, shall we?

First of all, Act XII, while mainly centered on the Gemini’s downfall, was also an entry that detailed a twist of fate. Jovian & Jacqueline were destined to die. This was the book where Mr. Gordon planned for the Dark Queen of Anarchy to meet her end, and she did. The sisters died. But they died in a way that was unexpected. For so long, we, the readers, have been told that the only way the Gemini could be slain was if the Archlight’s Blade and the Hellfire’s Edge struck the sisters through the heart simultaneously. We became so confident that this was the only way they could die that we expected it to be how the Gemini would go.

But it didn’t happen that way.

         Aeon meddled with fate and tossed all our expectations out the window. She took the map that was laid out, blocked off the main path, and drew a new route that lead to the same destination. Quite a lot of trouble to go through just to get the same result, isn’t it?

         Now what does this have to do with Aeon being the “real” author? Well, consider this. Aeon knows (mostly) everything. From the first chapter in Act XII to the last, we assumed it was Mr. Gordon doing the typing. But Aeon, who is omniscient, would ALSO know everything that would happen (with two or three exceptions). This whole book centered on her plan, after all.  She would be able to write about each character’s actions and detail them precisely, right down to the words they speak.

         Aeon knew everything that was happening. And since she manipulated the timeline so that everything fell into place and led up to the Gemini’s death, OF COURSE she would know what to write. She could easily leave out any condemning sentences and cleverly craft each chapter to hide her alterations. There’s no rule that says you have to tell the reader everything after all. ;-)

         Now, what about those two or three exceptions I mentioned? Well, besides Daemon transforming early and messing up the fight with Nuci as Aeon foresaw it, the chapters that involve Squeak in the Underworld and Clover interacting with Shadow are questionable. It’s not really known if Aeon knows about the Underworld or what’s going on down there. Since Squeak’s and Shadow’s time in Eden has ended, there’s reason to think that Aeon DIDN’T write these chapters since her powers may only let her see what’s linked to Eden’s direct timeline — the one tied to the land of the living.

So, what’s the explanation here? Well . . . perhaps Mr. Gordon is wrestling Aeon to regain control of the series and stop her from leading his characters down a dreadful path. This leads us to believe that Aeon, while powerful, may not be in FULL control of the story; she just has a large amount of influence over it.

         And if you think that’s ridiculous, this next one will blow your socks off. That is, assuming you’re wearing socks. . . .

         Believe it or not, there is proof — yes, you heard me, proof — that Aeon can take influence the real world. The proof is found on DeviantArt, in Mr. Gordon’s journal pages. On January 10th, 2018, there came an entry titled, “On the homestretch…” which included this piece of dialogue:

“Sorry, but the fates have been changed. Hope you don't mind a slight alteration to the festivities.”

         That’s right. Aeon actually interrupted Mr. Gordon while he was writing and forced in a message.

         This is mind-blowing! Mr. Gordon’s creative prowess is so powerful, he created a character that can actually transcend the boundaries of fiction and influence reality! Little did he know that this would backfire and result in him being pushed to the side while Aeon carries out her plan — plans that include not only becoming Eden’s god, but also its author.

         And if that weren’t enough, ask yourself this: if Mr. Gordon is still in control of the story, how is he able to write OTHER stories? He’s already published the first entries to two other series this year! Writing stories is a HUGE commitment that can take years to complete. The idea that he has THIS much time to do something like write AND release two separate books outside of “Chronicles of Eden” is nothing short of impressive. It’s almost as though he has a lot of time on his . . . hands . . . or . . . OH MY GOD. . . . Aeon’s the author of those too! SHE’S WRITING EVERYTHING!!!

         Oh, Mr. Gordon. Where have you gone? Why did your imagination have to be this powerful? And Aeon, what are you playing at, impersonating your own creator? What do you have to gain by playing God?


         And that wraps up this silly discussion. For those who patiently read the whole thing as I requested, please read the following:

*This discussion, and all ideas presented, was a parody and is meant to be viewed from a humorous hypothetical standpoint. Hypotheses are, by definition, ideas based on limited evidence. Please do not overreact. If I accidentally offended you, I am sincerely sorry. Thank you and see you all next time!*

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Specca's family and early life

It has occurred to me that, of Daniel's girls, with the exception of Pip, we still have learned next to nothing about Specca's life before Ashwood. We know of Alyssa's and Star's mothers, we've heard references of Falla's and Luna's mother, and we've SEEN the other girls' mothers and heard what their lives were like before they met Daniel. But Specca . . . her past is still a mystery.

All we really know about her is that she was fascinated by humans and their way of life and left to become part of it.

Why do you think that is? Is there something she's trying to escape from? SomeONE she doesn't want to think about?

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Favorite type of magic

As I work to add all the proper links from character pages to the correct Magic categories, I find myself wondering which studies of magic readers have found to be the most interesting. There's plenty of different types of magic and spells in the world of Eden, with some characters being skilled in multiple fields of study. If you had to pick, which fields of magical conjuring would you want to be adept in if you lived in this world? Let us know what kind of spellcaster you would train to be and what kinds of magic you would find the most useful.

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Dreams of CoE - Part 2

Yep, I've had more dreams involving "Chronicles of Eden."

5/30 - "Kenny," a South Park/Chronicles of Eden crossover. A story that focuses ENTIRELY on graphic sex and disgusting imagery. Imagine what the 2nd Circle of Hell (Lust) from "Dante's Inferno" looks like. If this story was real, the FCC would burn the author's house to the ground.

6/30 - I witnessed a plane with a blimp attached to it crash into a field. I think I was presented as Max Harollson because I said something along the lines of, "I always thought I wanted to be a monster hunter, but..."

11/2 - Daniel is living in a van in the woods, trying to cope with a great loss. Apoch & Astreal try to help him. First, they give Daniel a new head, but it doesn't work. Finally, they decide none of those methods solve anything, so, with one of the witches starting the van, Daniel and the other sister both drink a sleeping potion that they brewed inside the van. The potion tasted like green tea and was drunken in green glasses.

12/9 - An anime comic strip about Max & Lelu. Both are wearing teal green school uniforms and Lelu is, of course, happily pressing her huge bosom into Max's face. ;-)

12/12 - A premonition of what Seraph's illustration looks like. I imagined her as a fiery version of Lavos, the main antagonist in the video game, "Chrono Trigger."

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• 12/9/2018
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• 12/7/2018

The Reason for the Keys

One question that's been poking my brain since Act X is "Why were keys made for the Dark Queens' barriers?"

To be honest, it makes little sense to me why keys would be made for creatures this dangerous. The Dark Queens are the most powerful, most evil beings ever to exist in Eden; the idea that anyone would make keys which could set them free seems irresponsible to the point of negligence.

Now, I've thought up a few possible answers to this question that I wish to share. Mind you, these are simply ideas and not to be thought of as the only possible explanations.

First of all, perhaps the most obvious guess would be that the Keys of Eden are simply part of the magic that keeps the seals up. Every lock has to have a key after all, and in order for there to be a cage, there has to be something keeping it in place. So maybe that's what the keys are for: to serve as both a way to break the barrier as well as keep it existing.

The second idea is a bit more unnerving. Let's first take into account that the Dark Queens are all 1,578 years old. They've been around for more than a millennia, and have probably been trapped for just as long. Back in the early days of Eden's history, there may have been no possible means of destroying the Dark Queens. They may have simply been too powerful at the time. So, instead of killing them, the Ancient people just sealed them away.

It's perfectly possible that those who imprisoned them may have hoped that the Dark Queens would remain trapped forever and never heard from again, but, to be honest, I find that a bit foolish. The Ancient people didn't really solve the world's problems by locking the Queens away, they just hid them out of sight. It's hardly different than sweeping dirt under the rug.

Take Aeon for example. Even if Mika had failed to free her, the Chronofly would STILL be alive in her City of Eden. She waited centuries to be freed, and she would've gladly waited several more if she had to, and she would be just as dangerous then as she is now.

True, Aeon being free is very, VERY bad news, but at least it's now possible for her to be destroyed . . . I think.

And herein lies a possible explanation for the Keys' existence. What if this is what the arbiters from the old days had hoped for? What if they never intended for the Dark Queens to remain imprisoned forever, but instead wanted them sealed away until the day came when someone powerful enough could destroy them?

Or perhaps the Keys are just a story device used for plot and dramatic effect; magical McGuffins that the characters have to go out and find. Knowing this series, though, I say there's a much greater explanation — one we'll come to fully understand in due time. Until then, let's be on the look out for the fragments and see who gets to them first.

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• 12/5/2018

Which book has been your favorite?
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• 12/5/2018

A Photo Riddle

Riddle me this:

Veronica, Nuci, and Aeon line up for a family portrait.

The photo is taken, developed, and printed.

How many people are in the photo?

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• 11/30/2018

Planned Seasons of Chronicles of Eden

To give everyone perspective, and also create some anticipation and excitement for future releases, here is the planned setup for each Season and their major villains. This should help give an idea of what to expect and also what to speculate on how these major conflicts will go.

Season I ~ Katie, Ember, Jovian & Jacqueline

Season II ~ Aeon, Leanna, Seraph

Season III ~ Lazarus, Twilight, ???

Here's to the future of the series and the many battles that await.

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• 11/30/2018

Aeon's Mistake

All right, I'm just going to cut to the chase and ask this question rather than build up to it.

From the time she was introduced in Act X to where we stand currently in Act XII, has Aeon the Chronofly ever made a single dire mistake?

Mind you, when I say "mistake," I don't mean a miscalculation or anything that gave her a headache like underestimating a person's choices. I'm talking about a DIRE mistake that will cost her greatly in the future. A mistake she may not even be aware of.

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• 11/30/2018

Max and Aegis

It's been hinted through many comments, most from Mr. Gordon, that Max Harollson will come to possess a "Shield" of some kind. From what I've read, this shield will most likely be Aegis, another tool created by Seraph the Tyrant that may or may not be sentient. At least, I THINK Seraph created Aegis. . . .

From the hexadecimal message posted on this discussion board, the pixies have notified that Aegis is still confined in the Ether. So here's the question: How will Max come to possess this shield?

From what we've seen so far, Max has shown no magical abilities or connection to the Ether like Daniel Sorres does. He can't just reach in and grab it like Daniel did with Ragnarok. So if Max is going to have Aegis as his shield, how will it be released and agree to have him as its new handler?

As far as I can see, there are three current possibilities:

1. Perhaps Vale, being a pixie, could have some role to play.

2. Aeon meddles with fate yet again so that Max gets the shield.

3. Some other reason that we don't know about yet due to unknown information that has yet to be shown.

OR . . . perhaps I got this all wrong, and his "Shield" will be an actual shield, maybe even a magically made one like the kind Daniel creates with Synergy. But CAN Max use Synergy? We'll just have to wait and see. Given this series, who knows what will happen? Either way, I'm eager to find out more.

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• 11/27/2018

Aeon's Motive in Act XII

Of all the villains that have appeared in the series so far, Aeon is, perhaps, the most strategic. Being nearly omniscient, she has a BIG advantage when it comes to information and planning ahead.

It goes without saying that everything she does, she does for a reason. One of the big questions stated in Act XII was "Why did she change fate and have Daniel slay the Gemini by himself when they were destined to die in the first place?" Had Daemon not been hindered by Nuci and Mika, he and Daniel would have most likely slayed Jovian & Jacqueline together. The Gemini still would have died regardless. . . .

Instead, Aeon had things go differently. She rearranged fate so that Daniel would summon Ragnarok and thus finish the Dark Queen of Anarchy alone. And I think I may know why.

Now, to be honest, there are probably many reasons why Aeon changed fate. For one, she prevented Daniel and Daemon from becoming acquainted. She also cut Squeak's life short and (most likely) extended Rulo's and Forrus'. But I believe the main reason Aeon did all of this was because she was thinking ahead to the future. HER future.

Aeon views herself as a god. She's arrogant, cold-hearted, and power hungry. She wants to be the one and only queen of Eden. But, as Flarah pointed out, the other Dark Queens would happily disagree with her on that. And therein lies a possible motive and explanation for her actions: the other Dark Queens.

Twilight and Seraph are both extremely powerful. I wouldn't be surprised if Aeon's chrono magic is ineffective towards them. Seraph is probably the literal Queen when it comes to controlling others and Twilight's skill in magic probably exceeds all others in Eden. Even Jovian & Jacqueline would've outmatched Aeon, had they lived to do so. For one, they couldn't feel pain, so torture would've been useless; and two, besides the fact that she can't kill anyone, any damage Aeon inflicted would've been reversed when the Gemini's bodies regenerated, so her time control would've also been useless.

When it comes down to it, Aeon probably knows that they other Dark Queens have certain advantages that she lacks. If she's going to come out on top, she needs to eliminate the competition. In other words, Seraph and Twilight will have to go.

And it just so happens that Daniel summoned a sword that can slay absolutely anyone, even the Dark Queens of Eden. . . .

Forgive me if this is obvious, but what if THAT'S Aeon's plan? To bide her time and move the pieces into place to ensure that Seraph and Twilight are killed off so she can seize the throne?

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• 11/24/2018
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• 11/24/2018

The Heroic Dark Queens?

This discussion post is about the Dark Queens being not only the most evil of all monsters in Eden, but also, as unfathomable as it may seem, heroes at the same time. Yes, you read that correctly. Even the most vile of all the monsters in Eden are owed thanks in some way or another for the good they've done, even if they never meant to be good in the first place. Examples are as follows:

The Gemini: Say what you will about these murdering twin sisters with a taste for pure anarchy, but whether you realized it at the time or not, they actually saved someone precious in the story, albeit by accident. Before the wicked witch Emily could rape Luna to the point of mental breakage, the Gemini tore apart the blind mistress of evil and freed Luna from her grasp. Now granted, the Gemini are also the ones who sent Emily onto her path to meet Luna in the first place by attacking her. As a saving throw to that point, they are also the ones who attacked Forrus and her pack before the sweet butterfly could be devoured by the lycans. Even if they never meant to, they did in fact keep Luna alive and in one piece by simply doing what they love to do; kill everyone they meet.

The Reaper: Twilight may be plotting to bring death and destruction to Eden upon her release, however the Reaper is the reason Kroanette is still alive to this day. Without her dispatching her magical pawns, Apoch and Astreal, Kroanette would have drowned in that ravine despite Daniel's best efforts. Not only that, the Reaper has also been instrumental in Daniel's progress moving along so quickly as it has. Without her help and guidance, the elves of Green Haven may not have had their savior arrive in time. She may be one of the worst monsters in Eden, but you have to give credit where credit is due. She helped bring his family together and create a brave knight to stand against evil monsters in the world.

The Chronofly: We all know Aeon is a heartless monster who not only tormented Mika but also enslaved poor Nuci after her release, but we also know that without her Max, Lelu, and Grace wouldn't be around anymore. Max would have been abducted by copycats while Lelu and Grace would have been eaten alive by unsavory monsters. Say what you will about this wicked butterfly, but without her around Mika would be the last living Harollson.

The Tyrant: Nothing's been seen of her yet, so who's to say about this one.

What do you all think? What other examples of these villains or any others in the story can you think of where they, either intentionally or not, actually did good in the world instead of evil? It may not be enough to absolve them of their crimes, but at least there are those who are still alive today and perhaps even better now thanks to them. And that's saying something.

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• 11/23/2018

Back From The Dead?

I'm not going to spoil what's to come in Chronicles of Eden, but I am curious what readers may be thinking now that an established Underworld has been seen in the story. I've been asked over and over again if this character or that character will be making a return to the story in some way. So since we're on the topic of characters possibly coming back to the story again, I'm curious just who everyone is more interested in seeing making their return. Post your thoughts and hopes on who you want to see again, or who you hope is really gone for good, and let's find out if you're correct as the story progresses.

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• 11/22/2018

The Names of Daniel's dead family + Family surnames

I've noticed recently that Kroanette's mother, the deceased centaur empress, has finally had her name posted and her own character page made. To be honest, I've wondered what her name was for some time, and she's not the only one.

Just for the sake of guessing, what do you think were the names of Daniel's mother, father, and sister? Personally, I think it would be ironic if one of the characters shared the same name as Daniel's sister.

Also, since we're on the subject of names, I've been wondering. . . . Do you think Triska, Alyssa, and all the other girls are going to take on the last name, "Sorres"? That they, as Daniel's mates, will identify as the new Sorres family?

If so, will other girls from the other harems do the same? Will we hear "Sasha Warrick" someday? What about "Lelu Harollson"? Is Bermuda's full name "Bermuda Avelrian?"

Not to mention, there's that whole mystery behind last names and why monsters are so bewildered by them. . . .

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• 11/20/2018

If You Were Evil...

For a different type of discussion, let's assume you were (or perhaps you are) evil. Which of the wrongdoing femme fatales in Chronicles of Eden would you favor for your main squeeze (or squeezes if you're greedy). From sultry succubi, wicked witches, and sexy sinners, there's a wide range of devilish ladies to choose from in the series. Or perhaps you'd prefer only the best of the best (or in this case, the worst of the worst) and the Dark Queens are the ones you've got your eyes on. Jovian & Jacqueline would always guarantee wild days in your future, Twilight could show you some magic unlike anything in your dreams, Aeon could make the fun last an eternity and longer, or maybe you'd prefer to bow to Seraph and her indisputable tyranny for a chance to be her personal pawn.

Let us know which of the evil ladies of Eden you'd go after if chaos and villainy were your thing. Who's the real wicked queen among them? Time to find out.

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• 11/17/2018

Ending Time vs. Extending Time

Act XII revealed Aeon's fatal weakness: she can't kill anyone, at least not permanently. In ending a person's life, and thus their timeline, she would also kill herself. She can fatally attack and torture someone over and over, but has a time-limit before the damage becomes irreversible.

This sort of makes sense. The Chronofly's powers revolve around time and that, in a way, connects her to everyone else in Eden.

But here's a curious question for you all. Remember back in Act X when Aeon did Flarah that little favor in saving Grace's life, which in turn saved Max and Lelu?

Aeon helped Max and Lelu (and perhaps Grace) live past their pre-destined dates of death. She extended their lives without meaning to.

If ending a person's time can kill the Chronofly, what happens when she extends it? Does it have any great significance to herself and others?

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• 11/12/2018

Max and Valentina

So in this discussion I wanted to theory craft a little about Max possible adding Valentina as a member of his harem. The inspiration came from a discussion that Scholar57 wrote about the roles that the eight harem members would have and what they said about Valentina has lead me to believe that she would join Max's harem. Because it was pointed out how their would be a winged member and while I once believed that this would be a harpy, considering where Max is, now I believe the angel is the more likely. The main reason that the line up for Max's harem so far have girls that share traits with his sister which plays into the sister complex that Max has and following this it would mean that Valentina would fit well into this theme. For one she is strong and wields a massive weapon like Milly did. Second is also the fact that Valentina has a brother complex and while this is pointed at Deamon at the moment like Scholar57 says this could switch to Max. However, the problem is narrowing down a situation where this would come to pass. So far the only way I could see it happening is if Valentina stumbles upon Max in a dazed state where he confuses her with one of his sisters and refers to Valentina as big sis which causes her to open to the idea of having a little brother. But what do the rest of you think could cause Valentina to be interested in Max and how will she react to the other girls trying to get his attention?

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