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• 10/10/2017

Daniel or Daemon?

Daniel may be the main hero of the series, but he's not the only one working to make a difference in the world of Eden. And he's certainly not the only one who's lucky with the ladies either. This discussion post is to discuss which of these two men you like reading about more, what you like or dislike about either of them, and what would be nice to see from them in the series as it progresses.
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• 10/13/2017
I like reading about both these men.

The way I see it, this is as much Daemon's story as it is Daniel's. Both characters have similar and fascinating traits. In terms of personality, Daniel is the kind-hearted hero everyone would like to befriend, and Daemon is the badass warrior you would love to cheer on as he fights with precision and skill, all while never dropping that stoic face of his.

Additionally, both men wish to improve their world. With Daniel, he wants to unite humans and monsters and create a more peaceful society. With Daemon, he wants to prevent the deadly secrets of the past from emerging and keep Eden from suffering a terrible fate.

And of course, who wouldn't feel jealous over how many beautiful girlfriends they have? And what's funny is that neither of them are even trying! They're just going along with their mission while earning love as a reward.

Whenever the story breaks from one POV to the other, we get a different mood, a different angle when it comes to characters, and it makes for good dramatic irony. Some readers may find this annoying, but I find it fitting, given how all the events are intertwined in some way or other.

I'd love to see interactions between these two and their girls. In fact, this will probably HAVE to happen, especially since they'll need to work together to bring down the Gemini. There's no doubt the two will have disagreements here and there, but hopefully they'll find some common grounds. Daniel's not the aggressive type and Daemon doesn't fight unless threatened.

However . . . there is that little issue with Twilight. She could easily cause a lot of problems between the groups, especially in terms of her deceit and her trying to make Daemon look like a Darker One. Knowing Daniel, though, he'll try and take a peaceful route, at least at first. Nevertheless, things can still get sticky. . . .

There could be some funny moments, too. I can certainly imagine Luna and Scay getting along, AND scaring everyone with their insane behavior. Clover will probably chase after Tabitha, demanding what she did with the fragment she took. Pip could have some fun diving into chests (and probably lose her mind when she lays eye on Minos'). And I wonder how Hollia will react to knowing that Daniel is her brother-in-law (if that term makes sense here).

There's a lot to look forward to. What happens will ultimately be up to the author. Come what may, I'm looking forward to the drama and excitement. :-)
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