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• 10/13/2017

Will Daniel be blamed for everything?

At his core, Daniel Sorres has to be one of the wisest, most open-minded humans I've read about in literature. He wishes to bring peace to the world and doesn't allow hatred or prejudice to blind him of his goals or morals.

His sense of love and understanding, as well as his skill in rhetoric, makes him a good visionary, and his seriousness and bravery allow him to stand up for his beliefs and his family.

When it comes down to it, Daniel is a blessing to Eden. Sadly, though, his life and mission are not easy. And now I fear he may be facing a harsh and unexpected tragedy — one that could very well test the strength of his spirit and his resolve to bring peace between humans and monsters.

As we know, Jovian and Jacqueline, the Gemini, are rampaging across Eden, murdering and destroying innocent lives with their followers. They are doing so purely out of spite for Daniel because he and his girls managed to escape them — perhaps the only ones ever to do so (even if only by luck). Furious, Jovian and Jacqueline vowed to destroy Daniel's dream of peace and eventually kill all that he cares about. So far, the centaurs of Ruhelia, the harpies of Sereen, and the elves of Green Haven have been affected due to the Gemini's selfish revenge. And that's not even including all the humans who have been slaughtered because of the Dark Queen. It has been horrific, cruel, and unnecessary, and those two black-hearted girls are enjoying every second of it.

So, here's the dark, lingering question: In the end, will Daniel be the one Eden blames for all this bloodshed?

Now, some of you may be looking at the question above, thinking, "What the hell are you talking about?! How is Daniel to blame for what those two blood spillers have done?"

In all regards, I agree you with you completely. The Gemini and their followers are the ones doing the killings, but it's all happening because of Jovian and Jacqueline's personal grudge towards Daniel. Seeing as peace is what Daniel wishes to install, it only makes sense that the Gemini will try and hurt him by spreading pain and enmity, and to add insult to injury, they're rallying the worst monsters in Eden to do so — creatures that Daniel would never consider approaching with his ideas.

To the Gemini, this is all just another game where they can rub salt in someone's wounds and laugh in their face. (IS IT ANY WONDER WHY I DON'T LIKE THESE TWO?!)

And now we come to Daniel. It's one thing to get injured, but wounds, as we know, eventually heal. Guilt, on the other hand, can cut deeper than the Hellfire's Edge, right down to where no healing spell can reach. Daniel has a sense of responsibility to every person close in his life, as well as those he regards as allies (Victoria, Charlotte, Apoch and Astreal). In recruiting monsters for his cause, they are placing their confidences in him, and, vice versa, he's puts his hopes on those who agree to help him. So, what will happen when he learns that Ruhelia fell because the Gemini destroyed it to get back at him? Same with Sereen, the human settlements, AND Green Haven. What will Kroanette, Doku, and Clover think when they discover that the man they love was the indirect reason why Jovian and Jacqueline killed so many of their people? Their love for Daniel may get them through, but what about other centaurs, harpies, and elves? And the humans, who already distrust monsters so much, will probably be less eager to listen to Daniel after the nightmare they were forced to experience.

Additionally, there are even more characters who are suffering because of the Gemini's revenge. Mika and Max lost their sisters, Lelu and Grace lost their homes and mothers, Saffron's queen was murdered, Cindy's mother is being molested, and so many humans are being put through unspeakable agony. Additionally, the centaurs have scattered and are being hunted for food by the Sisterhood, and these brutes have killed several of Charlotte's fellow witches — friends and well respected members of her community.

So much chaos, so much misery is happening all because the Gemini are trying to hurt Daniel in the worst possible way. Really, what is a physical injury when compared to the lives lost? Imagine if YOU are the reason all of this happened. Would you be able to live with yourself? How much weight could you bear before the guilt destroys you?

In the end, will Daniel rise and help repair the world, or will he be made into a pariah and shunned for the violence he's trying to put an end to? Only time will tell. Let's hope he acts quickly. Before long, the Gemini will be arriving at Rockhelm's front door.
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• 10/13/2017
A very good question to be asked, as this is indeed something Daniel will have to face in due time. The Gemini are essentially doing all this to not only murder him and all those he loves but also his dream of bringing peace to Eden. They know of his mission to gather supporters to stand before his queen in Rockhelm, and they're preparing to wipe out his chances of preaching his beliefs with a bloody example of what damage monsters can really do.

It is true that he is not directly responsible, the Gemini are the ones ending lives by the handful, but he is the reason they're reaching far and wide to cause this suffering in the first place. If they hadn't failed in killing Daniel and his family they would likely be wandering Eden still while slaughtering all they can find along the way, they wouldn't be any less dangerous or evil in the slightest. Yet now they have a clear goal and are amassing all the resources they need to deal one hell of a blow to both Daniel's dream and the notion of monsters peacefully coexisting with humans in the future, and it's all being done simply out of spite of Daniel who managed to escape from them.

While I cannot comment on much of this question as I don't want to spoil what's coming, I can say that Daniel will become well aware of what the Gemini have been doing all because of their hatred for him very soon. He'll see firsthand what his actions have snowballed into without him even knowing, and he'll be faced with an important question to answer. Has his indirect creation of the Sisterhood with their murderous leaders outweighed his efforts and even his chance at bringing peace to Eden, or is there still a way for him to take control of the situation and show the world what good monsters are capable of?

I've said it before, and I'll say it once again. What the world of Eden needs, what Daniel must both reach for and sacrifice to obtain, what will be necessary to defend against the growing threat of rampaging monsters, is an Alliance.

To quote Twilight's exact words that she spoke to him before, "Time to step up, Daniel Sorres."
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