Okay, I know this is a REALLY crazy question to discuss. Never in my life would I have imagined I would ask something like this, but I find this simply too curious to pass up.

As we all know, Daniel's virility for love-making is extraordinarily high. Heck, he has so much sexual stamina that his prowess could probably rival God. Not only is he able to satisfy each of his mates SEVERAL times, but he actually managed to tame a succubus by having sex with her for SERVERAL HOURS without stopping! Granted, he was under the influence of mind-altering pheromones, but still, I doubt the chemical reaction would've done anything to increase the amount of semen he holds. Or would it...?

So, here's the question: just how much virility does Daniel have?

To find out, we'll need an equation and some general information.

First thing to note is this: Daniel has 13 mates in his harem. That's right: THIRTEEN. Reasonable to say, if he can tame a succubus for SEVERAL HOURS, he can most likely satisfy all 13 of them. To find out how long he can last, however, we'll need to know a few facts:

A. How long does each approximate orgasm last before ejaculation?

B. Whether or not a particular mate takes a certain amount of time (such as Pip who can not perform coitus with Daniel but can still experience foreplay).

C. In terms of minutes and hours, just how long does one nightly session last before Daniel is exhausted?

So . . . yeah. I'm going to be honest, I don't really know whether or not this equation is possible to figure out. Again, this is just something I'm curious about. Perhaps there is some logic to this, OR perhaps Daniel is a turbo-charged love-making machine with perpetual energy. In the end, who knows? Eden is a world of magic and mystery, and what makes sense there doesn't always make sense to those who experience it.

As for the equation, I imagine it may look something like this: (the letters are abbreviations for the A-C facts up top).

Question 1: (A) * 13 mates = How long it takes to satisfy each lady via one cycle (i.e.: 5 min. * 13 mates = 65 minutes required for Daniel to make love to each mate. That's 1 hour and 5 minutes).

Question 2: (C) - Question 1's answer = How much spare stamina he'll have remaining after one full go-around.

Overall Stamina DIVIDED BY average amount of time for each mate's turn, which may or may not give us a possible answer. Honestly, I don't know. I lost myself at this point.

If my math is inaccurate, please, forgive me. English and writing has always been my specialty, not math.

And if anyone knows how to make this simpler to understand, please let me know. It's so difficult to describe equations using only words.

Well, even if this question has no answer, at least it's something funny to think about. Have fun speculating!