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• 12/30/2017

Daniel's Magic

Alright so we know that the spell Daniel can cast is called Synergy and that it allows to draw on power from the love that he share with monster girls like the ones that comprise his harem. What I wonder is that can monster girls who aren't his mate give him power as part of the spell? The reason I ask this is because the definition of Love goes beyond the romantic, which is the type of love that we see with Daniel's harem. For example, familial love, which I guess we also see between Daniel and his harem, that is defined as the love people who are family share. Because if a certain Kitsune or Alurane, Kindra and Nuci, where to join the group I could see either of them becoming a big sister or mother figure for them and if Daniel where to form a bond it would be enough for him to draw more power without having to add more girls to his harem. The same could also be said if the bond is made out of a love expressed as friendship, but weather the other forms of love that Daniel has with other monster girls are familial or friendly it probably would make his harem feel uneasy unless they are reassured that the other girls that Daniel forms these kind of bonds with don't intend to pursue any romantic interest and only wish to keep the relationship as something platonic. If this turns out to be the case then Daniel is going to become OP with just one spell. I makes me wonder what would happen if he tried to study other forms of magic beyond his synergy spell.
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• 1/5/2018
Again, an INCREDIBLE idea!

I've actually wondered about this idea, actually. If Daniel can draw the energy of other monsters besides the girls in his harem, then he can become even stronger and explore several new abilities.

Just imagine if he drew power from Snapper! Swarm have nearly limitless energy, so I can almost see Daniel going into a manically-induced rage mode and go to town on the Darker Ones. Think of it like Krieg from Borderlands 2 in his Buzz Axe Rampage: Lot's of crazed laughter, lots of a dead monsters on the ground.

Again, the concept of "love" is a vague one. There are many different forms of love: romantic, parental, sibling, friendship. Whether or not that becomes a factor in the series will have to be seen. Either way, it's still an interesting concept!

Thanks for the chat. It's awesome to see that someone else loves this incredibly exciting series!
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