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• 12/30/2017

Short Stories

I wonder if the author will make a series of short stories eventually down the road because it would be nice if we the audience can have other adventures that don't involve the Dark Queens or the fate of the world. I ask because the world created by the author has so much potential in term of world building. If the author wanted to expand his world he could write about the adventure of other characters like a traveling Bard who can charm anyone with his voice and wish to bring peace through the power of song, or a Dragon that has an encounter that changes her life, and another about a monster hunter that fall in love with a monster. The possibilities are endless and what more it give the audience a more broader view of the world of Eden. If he wanted to do short stories about Daniel and his harem he could write a small series called something like "Daniel's Magical Misadventures" where we see his attempts of learning other spell only to get in the middle of hilarious situation that they all have to either clean up or deal with for a time. In one he could try to cast a spell and accidentally shrike himself to the size of a fairy and show him interact with the world as well as his mate from Pip's perspective. It could also go the other route where Daniel keeps casting a spell that enlarges object then have him use it on a cookie that grows to the size of a table just before Luna and Cindy enter the room an seeing their reactions to the unexpected treat. Another good one would be Daniel casting a spell that cases everyone to switch bodies and watch the chaos as they try to get everyone back into the body that they are supposes to be in. What other idea would be good as short story material?
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• 1/2/2018
There are a few side stories planned for certain characters of the series to better explore their past before the events of Chronicles of Eden. These will be announced at a later date when I'm able to dedicate more time to writing them. As for stories involving different and unrelated characters I don't have any currently planned, but that's completely possible as there is indeed a large world to explore in Eden. Lots to see and explore for the readers still.
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