Since Daniel expressed his desire to add kids to his large family this discussion will go into the possible additions to the already large family. First, of all the girls I think Alyssa will be the first to get pregnant with a child after what happened to Ember. What the child will be like I couldn't say for sure but if I had to pick a name it would probably be Cinder for Alyssa's child. As for the possibility of Cindy or Kitten if the author wants they could also have children. For Cindy the fact that Sand Wraiths can eat regular food was unknown so its possible that they can also have alternate ways of having children. It could be possible that by taking in enough regular food along with some of Daniel's essence it could be possible that Cindy could have a kid. As for Kitten if she were to get pregnant then I can see Triska coming out for a while as shape shift could have adverse effects on the child so while it is possible there could be some inconveniences. Then, there is Pip the fairy as the audience now know fairies reproduce by receiving love from woman. Because there are so many girls in the harem with all of them giving their love it possible that Pip will give birth to many faeries at once. It would be interesting if each fairy got a particular trait from each girl. It could go something like this:
A fairy with a temper = Triska
A fairy that is Mischievous = Kitten
A fairy that tends to lie = Falla
A fairy that burst into fits of joyful laughter = Luna
A fairy with a dominating personality = Star
A childish fairy = Alyssa
A fairy with no sense of direction = Kroanette
A fairy that acts naive = Cindy
A fairy that abrasive = Clover
A fairy that tend to heal the injured = Squeak
A fairy that like books = Specca
A fairy that is timid and kind = Doku

In any case who else might be considered to be the first to have a child with Daniel? Because from the way things appear their already large family is only going to get larger.