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• 1/19/2018

Who is Benjamin Stonewall

As the title suggest this discussion will be about Benjamin Stonewall the only male monster hunter in Chronicles of Eden that hold the title of the greatest monster hunter. SInce we currently have little information on him what I am wondering is will be be a good guy or a bad guy. Because so far my image of him is a kind of Geralt of Rivia type of character, and if you don't know who that is either play the Witcher games or read the books because its another good series to enjoy. As minor spoilers, for The Witcher series, the character Geralt though a monster hunter by trade has been know to spar the live of those who would be considered monsters by society if they prove to be peaceful or mean no harm to humans. I am not sure if Benjamin Stonewall will follow this characterization, but I wouldn't put it past the author of Chronicles of Eden to put this kind of twist. I guess well have to wait and see.
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• 1/31/2018
Seeing as we've only heard about him through a reference made by the Harollson sisters, it's still too early to label him as either good or bad.

However, given that he's titled with "Greatest Monster Hunter in Eden" and has several kills under his belt to prove as such, he can quite easily become a dangerous enemy depending on his personality. Seeing as Queen Leanna seems to greatly despise monsters, and Benjamin is under her command, I can see how he could be a problem to Daniel and Daemon later down the road.

We'll just have to wait and see what kind of person he is. Should he pose a threat, however, we can be certain that Daniel and/or Daemon will stand up to him, especially if he threatens their loved ones.

Not to mention, there's the question as to HOW he managed to obtain the title of "Greatest Monster Hunter in Eden." Just what kind of monsters has he slain?
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