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• 1/28/2018

Are Humans As Much Apart Of The Problem?

When I consider some of the humans aside from Daniel and Triska I can't help but wonder whether Humans are as much apart of the issue as to why there isn't peace with the other monster races or even why humans especially the men are seen as livestock to most. Whether its the council Daniel spoke to or the guards in the first human city he visited its clear that most humans have an arrogant or narrow view of the monster races in the world which reinforce their preconceived beliefs. Now their are some who would argue that of course they think that because of how monsters kill the women and rape the men, but there are some actions humans take that don't make sense regardless of their reasons. First, it how they handle information on the world and its inheritance. For the most part humans lived mostly in cities that are walled off from the world, and most of the info about monster they have are mostly from word of mouth or written account but even that's hardly reliable. Because of the common view of monsters humans had most will express themselves based on the preconceived notions and ignore anything that contradicts this. Consider the Harollson sister when they heard that monster where around they instantly went for the kill option and chastised Daniel for his beliefs only to be later saved by the group when they again attacked a Jinx on sight despite being warned not to. As for the written account its has been painted out that most information about monsters is not as accurate as it may appear as the information on harpies showed after Doku was introduced. Then, there is the Queen who might be hardest of all to convince of peace with monsters. As VelRyan mentioned in Act XL the queen would ignore any warnings they would send no matter what evidence they send because it comes from a perceived monster sanctuary. Again because of the preconceived notions humans hold the Queen would go as far as to ignore info that could save the lives of her people. It makes me wounder how Daniel will convince the Queen that peace with Monsters is possible if she is ready to disregard any such information to begin with unless their is a Princess who will be ready to listen and support Daniel when the time comes. While humans have to deal with a lot if you consider the actions of humans who behave in a less than ideal manner, like the bandits that are shown in the book, then is it any wonder that monsters have a low opinion of human just as the humans have a low opinion of monsters? I don't know how Daniel will turn things around but hopefully it will be because he will do something unexpected that will finally get humans to listen to reason for once.
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• 1/29/2018
The world of Eden is a diverse one, and unfortunately that can often bring prejudice. People love the familiar and the similar. If something is different, sometimes people can think that something is wrong. However, Eden is a bit more specific.

Obviously, the humans hate monsters because of the fact that they need men in order to reproduce. For whatever reason, monsters can only give birth to females. While there certainly are some monsters that are vicious and cold-hearted, who will kidnap or rape to get pregnant, others are simply trying to live. It's a complicated and, to be honest, strange problem at best.

From what's been demonstrated, any monster race can be good, even swarm if given the proper surroundings and care.

You do raise a good point, though. The way information has been documented and handled is suspicious. Harpies are kindhearted and loving, and yet somehow humans think they abduct men by swooping down from the sky and carrying them to their nests as prisoners. As of meeting Doku, we learn that isn't true. This raises a few questions. Firstly, why do humans have this negative view about one of the gentlest monster races in Eden? Is their information simply mistaken? Was it written based off a single account? Is someone spreading lies? Is there something bigger going on behind the scenes? Why don't any of the humans in Red Peak mention how kind and loving their wives are? Surely some humans had to have heard the truth. . .

Could there be some sort of cover-up? If so, by who?

It's one thing for Daniel to persuade monster races, but with humans it's going to be a whole other challenge, and all the destruction lain by the Sisterhood isn't going to help matters. Humans won't question their widely held beliefs without seeing for themselves that monsters can be good. But even then, would their fear get the better of them? Does Queen Leanna WANT humans living in fear of monsters? If so, why? What doesn't she want them to know (assuming she doesn't want them to know)?

If there's to be any hope for peace, the humans are going to have to take a chance on the evidence Daniel will gather and the actions he performs. They have to be willing to put aside their fear and try to understand their fellow monsters. There will, without a doubt, be those who will ridicule, scorn, or even sabotage Daniel, but given his unbreakable spirit, and the fact that humans such as Max and VelRyan exist, there's still hope.

At this point, I see little reason to theorize ideas. Act XI completely blew away my expectations. In this kind of story, ANYTHING can happen. We'll just have to leave it up to Mr. Gordon as he prepares the next entry.
• 2/3/2018
I will raise two points with this without trying to spoil anything.

First, I welcome all readers to theorize and discuss any aspect of the story and characters however they wish. Discussions like these are how the community can grow and evolve, and I encourage as much growth for the series and its mysteries as they can get.

Second, people 'are' as much the problem as monsters, this has been made pretty clear by now with interactions not only with monster hunters but also the general view of the public in human cities we've seen. Discrimination, prejudice, hatred, it's all been seen clear as day from humans in how they view monsters. It's hard to argue with them, given what the vast majority of monsters do, so they can't be faulted completely. However just as monsters can be good or evil, so can humans. It's quite clear that Daniel will be visiting Red Peak to speak with Doku's sister about his beliefs at some point. When he does it won't be just the harpies he'll have to sway towards peace, it will be the humans as well. Which one will be more difficult to persuade is the question.
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