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• 2/3/2018

When Daniel meets VelRyan

Since the latest book the biggest question I have is what is Daniel's and VelRyan's first meeting going to be like. Since Shadow's Refuge is near Red Peak one of Daniel's destinations in order to meet with monster rulers it only makes sense that he will go to the Sanctuary as well. So far my best impression of the situation will be one of unexpected reunions. Because Grace the heir to the position of Ruler of the Elves of Green Haven, depending on how things with the Gemini and the Elves they've enslaved turns out, she is going to surprised to see Clover not only alive but in love with a human. Then, there is Max and how he is going to react to seeing Daniel and his mates along with the kind of effect it will have on his life will his own harem forming that includes a centaur, elf even if Grace is having a hard time admitting it, and a certain spidergirl. If I had a best guess about VelRyan I think he is going to have an interesting time meeting with Daniel and maybe he can act as a mentor for him.
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• 2/5/2018
Their meeting would definitely be beneficial to Daniel's cause since VelRyan also knows and believes in the good that can exist in monsters. I can easily see the two getting on as friends and helping each other out. VelRyan no doubt wants his daughter to grow up happy and safe, and Daniel's quest would certainly help in that regard. There's still the issue with Queen Leanna having no interest in Shadow's Refuge, but that's for another discussion.

I have a feeling Grace will eventually find out that Clover's still alive, either through the outcome of the battle for Green Haven or through some other means. It'd be good if they met face to face, as Clover could share with Grace some important wisdom and maybe even help with her archery. Grace does want to learn to fire more than one arrow after all.

As for Max and seeing Daniel's own harem, he could ask Daniel or the other girls for advice on how to handle his feelings. Lelu's already in love with Max, Grace is starting to develop feelings for the young boy, and something tells me it won't be long before Bermuda finds Max to her appeal as well.

On this note, there's also the question on how monster's handle puberty and their coming of age. Bermuda is currently 14-years-old, and from what I remember in Act X, monsters start feeling their lust become overwhelming around 14 or 15 (I think). It could hurt Max to see Bermuda suffering like that and help him realize just what sort of hell monsters go through while growing up. (And he thought puberty sucked for humans. . .).

Maybe Max could find a way to help remedy such a problem. . . . I mean, Bermuda, Lelu, and Grace will still go through the difficulty when it's their time, but perhaps there's a way to make it tolerable.
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