So as anyone who has read Act XL will Kroanette has made an interesting new friend in Rolian the Arachne. Since running into Daniel's group Rolian refuses to leave them wishing to see Kroanette due to her being Rolian's only friend. Considering the abuse that she has suffered, some of which Kroanette witnessed herself, and also since she has nowhere else to go I think Rolian will become part of the family in a way not as another mate for Daniel but more of a sister or something. If she does stay I hope that Daniel and the group, including Kroanette if she stops getting lost long enough to find her way home, then they will be able to have a positive change on her life to get her to quite drinking and maybe they can help Rolian find a man who will love her. In either case I bet Rolian will add something interesting to the group dynamic.