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• 2/4/2018

Mysteries Surrounding Aeon


Upon her release, Aeon has proven to be just as dangerous and evil as Jovian & Jacqueline. In fact, this butterfly's powers are far more terrifying than the Gemini's. Jovian & Jacqueline can only torture and kill a person once and then the sick, demented treat is over. Aeon, however, can kill someone over and over again, denying her victims the mercy of death to the point where she can destroy their spirit and freewill, and the fact that she knows practically everything only adds to how serious of a threat she is.

Additionally, there's a lot of mystery surrounding this wicked butterfly — mysteries I feel should be discussed. I in no way expect an answer to come until it's revealed in the books, but I feel it'll be fun to hypothesize in the meantime.

This discussion will cover 3 mysteries that I have in concerns about Aeon the Chronofly, and will go in this order:

1. Aeon Becoming a Dark Queen
2. The Extent of Aeon's power and possible weakness
3. Aeon's Interest in Daniel

1. Aeon Becoming a Dark Queen

As revealed from Nuci, Aeon once went by the name of Veronica, and was Nuci's loving mother who she misses terribly. The way in which Nuci spoke of her mother while she laid on her "deathbed" gave the impression that, long before she was a Dark Queen, she was once a kind, loving person. This is quite incongruent with Aeon as we currently know her, and she made sure we knew it when she proclaimed that "Veronica is dead . . . Veronica is no more" and proceeded to torture poor Nuci into submission.

So, this begs the question: what happened to turn "Veronica" into "Aeon"? Did she let her almighty power get the better of her (assuming she had such power at the time)? Or . . . is "Aeon" a separate entity from Veronica, and if so, how did "Aeon" come to exist and be in control? Was it like how Kitten took control of Triska when she was converted by Katie? If so, is there any shred of Veronica left or is Aeon correct in saying Veronica's completely gone? Taking into mind the timeline of the series, Aeon has already been imprisoned for centuries, locked away while angrily plotting her conquest to be Eden's one and only queen, so even if a small trace of Veronica remains, she's probably in a deep comatose state.

At this point, anyone’s guess is as good as any. There's still too much vagueness surrounding the Dark Queens as well as Eden's lost history to provide any conclusive evidence. Perhaps understanding Aeon's past and transformation could be key to discovering her fatal weakness, and maybe even those of the Tyrant and the Reaper. To understand the present and determine the future, it helps to piece together the clues of the past, which brings us to the next mystery. . .

2. The Extent of Aeon's power and possible weakness

As of Act XI, we were introduced to two of Aeon's terrifying powers. She can control time for others AND herself, and is even able to stop time to prevent her own death and reverse it, making her practically invincible. Second, she is omniscient, allowing her to see everything in the past, present, and most-probable future. As if controlling time wasn't enough, being all-knowing makes her practically on level with God. No wonder she thinks so arrogantly of herself.

Of course, there are those who are immune to Aeon's foresight and control: Flarah and her "master" being two such examples. Those white rings that become visible in the iris, those diamond markings on those two reptile girls and the mysterious man, all give an aura of power that Aeon cannot understand or penetrate . . . yet.

Given Aeon's powers, she is, more or less, unstoppable. She can't die, she has infinite knowledge, she can render her enemies completely inert, and she can torture people over and over to break their spirits. Even when against people who are immune to her control, she still cannot be killed because of the fact that she can just reverse any damage done to her. Her chrono magic is her greatest weapon. So it begs the question: WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF SHE LOSES IT?

The only reason Aeon is alive is because her chrono magic saved her. Even with her omniscience, it's not enough to shield her from any possible threat as the future is unlimited and ever-changing. Should anything happen to her magic, Aeon would find herself in quite the sticky spot. However, that's assuming whether or not her magic can be removed or even stunted, which isn't likely since we know she can cancel counter-spells. And besides, given her god-like sight, Aeon would probably prevent that plot from being conceived in the first place. She's already started making changes to Eden's timeline so we know she's making plans, and that alone can't mean anything good. . . .

So what else can defeat Aeon? As mentioned earlier, I think a main key to Aeon's defeat will be to understand her past. If nothing else, we need to understand her a little better and how she came to be, and from there our heroes can work forward and find the thread that will unravel Aeon. Of course, this will be a problem as there's very few people who know anything about the Chronofly. Nuci's officially out of the question since Aeon destroyed her mind.

Additionally, it'll help to find out if there any limitations to her powers. For example: How FAR can Aeon reverse time? Can she only reverse a few seconds or can she go farther? Can she undo days? And perhaps more importantly . . . WHO can she bring back to life, and what will she have them do?

I doubt she'll want to bring Jovian and Jacqueline back. Aeon's made it clear that she's "the only true queen of Eden," so I doubt she wants competition, especially two girls who are immortal and can't feel pain.

3. Aeon's Interest in Daniel

Now we come to what may be the star question in this little discussion: what does Aeon have planned for Daniel Sorres? At the end of Act XI, Aeon revealed to Flarah and Kindra that, besides her plans of taking over the world as the true queen of Eden, she has plans that involve Kindra's precious human. That's TWO Dark Queens who now have a sinister interest in Daniel. We all know Twilight wants to devour Daniel for the enormous power he holds, but Aeon, apparently, is playing things to her liking to ensure that Daniel makes it out alive in the battle of Green Haven — both to kill the Gemini and for whatever plan she has in mind.

Currently, I can imagine two possible reasons for Aeon's interest in keeping Daniel alive. One, she knows of his connection to the ether and wishes to exploit that power for her own personal gain -- OR -- she sees Daniel as a threat and is planning his death in a way that will guarantee her victory as ruler of the world. Knowing Aeon, however, it could be something else entirely. In fact, I wouldn't the least bit surprised.

Given this series, it's impossible to predict anything for certain, but that's half the fun. We'll just have to see where it goes, and I'll happily do just that. One thing is for absolute certainty, though: things are about to get a whole lot more crazy and interesting. Isn't that right, Aeon?

Aeon: (grinning evilly, her eyes glowing) Oh, if only you knew. If you could see even half of what I have in store, you'd never sleep again. Hahahahaha....
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• 2/4/2018
There is much to learn and see when it comes to Aeon. She is indeed one of the more powerful and dangerous monsters in Eden, rightfully deserving of the title Dark Queen. I will say this much, for those who are keen on finding her weakness and hoping for her downfall.

Listen for it.
• 2/4/2018
First, to the author I don't know if I want to start clapping or to curse you for what you had done to Nuci. At this point I don't know what will happen to the former guardian especially since she killed Tara, Lara, and Sara. I don't want Nuci to die but I can't help but wonder how she is going to handle living with what she has done and what was done to her. I hope she will meet Daniel and he will help her heal because its either that or let her rest in pece when she is finally struck down. As for Aeon from what I know about characters who have influence on time they may be trick to beat but they are not invincible and no doubt Aeon will meet her end. One theory I have since finding out that she was a different person before becoming a dark queen makes me hope for a kind of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker situation where Vader returned to being the man he used to be before being corrupted by evil. It would be neat if Daniel plays a part of this by somehow returning Aeon to being Veronica, which could help in healing Nuci if she got her mother back. I guess we will have to wait and see but hopefully we won't have to wait long for the next book. Also, to Scholar57 I would like to say thanks for replying to my discussions hopefully more people will also leave a reply but for now I value the input you've provided. For the author after the stuff you pulled in this book the Gemini better meet there end in the next book because the good guys really need a win, and hopefully it won't be long before the next book is out.
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