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• 2/4/2018

Luna and Scay As BFF's

Ok this might be my most frightening theory ever but what will happen if Luna and Scay meet and become best friends forever. As we know Daniel's and Deamon's groups are going to meet. There is likely going to be a fight but eventually both sides are going to realize that they don't have to be enemies. So in this time when they are talking I can't help but wonder what Luna and Scay interactions are going to be like. Considering how special they are mentally, another word for completely insane, I have a feeling that if they bound with each other there is going to be a lot of screaming from both groups when they realize what has happened. Now if you excuse me I have a panic buker to build for the eventual fireworks that the butterfly-girl and snake-girl are going to set off across the future books and fandom.
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• 2/5/2018
A very hilarious and potentially frightening scenario! Indeed, I wonder how these two ladies will interact. Honestly, I think the two will get along fine once the confrontations between the two groups get resolved (assuming they do get resolved). Perhaps they may even learn a thing or two from each other.

As for "BFFs", I think Scay will always see Tabitha as her best friend. She cares very deeply for the neko, right to the point where she cried after Tabitha got hurt in Act X. Scay will probably be overjoyed to earn more friends, but her pretty kitty will always be her favorite I think. As for Luna, I can certainly see Scay and her getting a long, but that will depend on whether or not Luna will be scared to be around Scay. Luna may act silly, but she's wise enough to recognize when something is wrong. Scay certainly isn't evil, just irresponsible and rather unstable, and her crazed nature may even be too much for Luna, and this is coming from a butterfly who dreams of flooding a forest floor with a white "paste" while riding atop a mushroom. ...Yeah, don't ask.

There's a lot of interactions to expect between Daniel's and Daemon's groups, and to see what happens with Luna and Scay will definitely be one to look forward to, whether in the case of humor or horror, or even both.
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