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• 2/5/2018

How Will Felucia Fit Into The Group.

Ok here is another discussion on how a particular monster girl will fit into the group dynamic of Daniel's family. This time its for Felucia the sand wraith also known as Cindy's mother. As of the current book Daniel has managed to meet Felucia and assuming she doesn't die before the Gemini are dealt with once and for all its very likely she will stay with Daniel's group to be with her daughter. I say this because its not likely that Cindy will leave so staying with Daniel will be her only choice. I feel as if her introduction will be rocky because she will insit that they need to devore the group up until they convince Felucia to eat regular food at that point she will change her mind. After this will go into an interesting discussion on how sand wraiths are going to have children if they don't eat humans and monsters. Personally I have a theory that a Sand Wraith can still reproduce by both eating regular food and getting a mans or even a woman essence, or as Pip would call it the juices of life, which means that there is an alternative. Now back to the addition of Felucia I think that for once her daughter will have somethings to teacher her while she acts protective of Cindy's well being.
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• 2/5/2018
With Felucia, there's no telling what will happen. It could be either positive or negative.

On the negative side, Felucia could be angry with Daniel and his girls for "polluting" Cindy's head with his morals and "delusional" ideas. She could insist that he's doomed her to never having her own daughter and will try to insist Cindy to go as far as to eat the little swarm who's become her adopted daughter.

Now, knowing Cindy as she is now, she will downright refuse to eat OR harm Snapper and the others. She loves them all too much to go back to being the way she used to be. She may even cause a rift with her mother who will be shocked that her own daughter chose to love a human and suppress her nature, thus leaving in confusion and bitterness.

On the positive side, there could still be a debate one how sand wraiths can live on without devouring people, to which some means or method may or may not be uncovered. If nothing else, I hope Felucia will stay, both for her daughter and to learn what Cindy has. Besides . . . with Cindy being Daniel's mate, that would technically make Felucia Daniel's mother-in-law . . . right?
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