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• 2/5/2018

Can We Get A Monster Girl Encyclopedia

This one was just a random project I thought of. One of the things that is interesting about this series is all the monster girls that call it home. It would then be interesting if the author created a Monster Girl Encyclopedia will information about the monsters that call Eden home. This way the audience can get information about the ones we know about but also learn about monster races we haven't meet yet. The book can even have picture to give people an idea of what they look like along with the images of characters that fits into each receptive race that we have already been introduced to. I know such a thing would not be likely since it would take a lot of work to put it together, but it sound like a fun little side thing to have to help expand the world a bit.
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• 2/5/2018
You know, that's an AMAZING idea!

It would make for a great addition for anyone who's a fan of the series, seeing as Daniel and Speeca are building their own Monster Encyclopedia — one that's truthful and free of bias. It'd be like holding a real piece of Eden in the palm of your hand.

The series would probably have to grow a little more, though. Although we've met quite a number of creatures, there's still more monsters, as well as many locations and lands to be discovered, and their topography will probably be crucial for documenting their residents. Eden's getting bigger with each Act, and so a monster encyclopedia will definitely be possible in the future if the author and illustrators wish for it.
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