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• 2/5/2018

So What's Next For Daniel After Meeting the Queen

This discussion will delve into the possible action Daniel will take next after convincing the Queen to have human's ally with monsters. Assuming that this will happen before the final battle of the series with twilight even if Daniel manages to convince the Queen it does not mean that his job is done yet. For one thing the Queen could name Daniel the official Ambassador for the human Kingdom with the authority of the crown backing him. This would mean that Daniel will be charged with meeting other monster races to find more allies and from time to time settling dispute between humans and the current monster allies as there would still be some adjustments needed and Daniel will need to act as a neutral party in any disputes. This would be an interesting outcome to happen especially if Daniel takes the time to return home to Edgewood with his new position in the human kingdom. What would be interesting is to see the reaction of Triska's mother but the council that mocked him for his beliefs when they find out that he not only succeeded but has the Queen backing his beliefs. I know that its a little early to start theorizing about such an outcome since its been hinted that convincing the Queen that monsters and humans could be allies is going to be a bigger challenge than expected but if anyone can do it Daniel can. Anyway sometimes the end of one journey will mark the beginning of another.
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• 2/5/2018
Okay, let me just say: if that happened, seeing the looks on the Edgewood's council would be HILARIOUS! I mean, Daniel won't rub it in their faces (he's too good for that), but still, it'd sure as hell be something to read about.

And you're correct in saying it's too early to theorize on this. Given the unpredictability of the series, and the fact that Aeon is out and can alter the timeline to her liking, Daniel still has a LONG way to go. But you know what they say: it's the journey, not the destination. What Daniel will do and who he will meet in the steps to this eventual meeting will make all the difference in the end, and all the more satisfying to read.
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