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• 2/6/2018

What Is Twilight's Gift For Daniel

So in the chapter in Act Xl that showed what Charlotte has been up to Astreal mentioned that their mistress Twilight is preparing a gift for Daniel. What I can't help but wonder is what kind of gift the Dark Queen has in mind. One guess could be a weapon except Daniel doesn't normally wield one except the one he conjures with magic. This could only mean that the gift to be another monster girl to become his mate to gain more power, but that also does not seem as likely. Unless she intends to send Kroanette back to Daniel. Without much information its anyone's best guess as to what the gift could be.
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• 2/6/2018
Honestly, who knows? (Besides Twilight and Mr. Gordon, that is).

Not including the few times her name was mentioned, Twilight was completely absent from Act XI. Whatever she's getting ready, it seems to be taking up a lot of her time, which could suggest it's a gift that requires critical thought and careful preparation.

Doubtful it's another monster girl since Daniel's harem is officially closed, and when it comes to weapons, Daniel has his synergy sword and the abilities granted to him via his mates.

A "gift" could mean anything. It could be something that helps, something complimentary, something unexpected, or something just for the sake of appreciation. Given this kind of story, however, it could very well be something that could help with Daniel's cause or improve his power (which would be fitting given Twilight's motive).

Remember, Twilight is a skilled manipulator. She's already gifted Daniel with a carriage that's more-or-less a portable mansion, all to get on his and the girls' good sides. So whatever she gives him, it could very well come with a catch — something sinister that's written in the fine print (the part nobody ever notices).

As for what it is, well . . . we'll just have to see. Feel free to guess, even if it's something crazy. I mean, it's not like Twilight can give Daniel a city or anything.
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