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• 2/8/2018

Can We get Some Art That Shows The Rulers

One thing I have always wondered is why we haven't seen any art showing the rulers of the various groups of Eden. The only one we got was of Charlotte and that was because she played a bigger role in interacting with Daniel. It would be great if we could get on that shows all the rulers, including the Human Queen, together standing side by side. While some may argue that this could drift into spoiler territory I would like to remind some that before Act Xl was release an art piece showing the line up of Deamon's harem was released that showed that Minos and Mika would be part of this group. Since we didn't know there would be a Minotaur in the foloowing book one could say that this piece of art did provide some spoilers. So why can't we have the same with the rulers Daniel will be bringing together because its not like any name would need to be given. For the most part my main reason for having this is so I can see what the Giant Butterfly and Ant Girl Queens look like. Another is to know whether Daniel will still be able to get the Centaurus and Elves to make piece with mankind consider what happened to both groups at the hands of the Gemini. If this is not possible could we still get some are showing what the Giant Butterfly and Ant Girl Queens look like because the lack of images on these two have been bothering me for a while.
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• 2/8/2018
I've actually been asked this many times now and I completely understand where you're coming from. Charlotte was given artwork because of her more prominent use in the series so far, but the other rulers we've seen, Victoria the Ant Girl Queen, Florence the Giant Butterfly Monarch, Celine the Elven Priestess, and the unnamed Centaur Empress, haven't been given art pieces for certain reasons.

Victoria and Florence were skipped due to commission costs and production time of getting the books published at the time. They also had small appearances so they were deemed okay to cut out of the artwork. Celine and the centaur empress were omitted because of their dire fates that shortly befell them. Queen Leanna hasn't made an appearance yet in the series (though that could change very soon...)

Regarding artwork being made for the monster rulers this will happen when needed. Victoria is planned to return in the series and play a substantial role later on. Florence will be seen again just as her daughter will be. As for other monster rulers, it depends on their role and fate in the series when they're introduced. Not to mention the elves and centaurs are in need of new leadership...
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