Ok so far I think its safe to assume that Max Harollson is going to have his own harem just like Daniel and Deamon have their own harem. What I wonder is who will be apart of it. The obvious candidates are Lelu the Centaur, Grace the Elf, and Bermuda the Arachne. However, what I am wondering is who else will be join to be with Max. If one thing can be assumed is that one will at least be a human girl since the other two harems have at least one human with the exception being Triska consider her unique circumstances. From there the other monster girls could be anyone's best guess. Maybe we will get an Ant Girl but one with a black abdomen to introduce a third group apart from the brown and red Ant girls we've seen so far in the series. Another could be a witch who is saved by Max, mirroring the situation with Daniel and Alyssa, and falls in love with him which follow her determination to gain his heart but not by force. If we consider that Max's adventures are far from over it possible that her is going to find himself getting lucky. But if we consider the current patterns who ever the girls are they most likely follow a similar patter as the first three girls of Max's harem meaning that the other girls who will join will be those who have lost their family, the exception being Bermuda who still has her father. The other exception to this could be if Complica the Giant butterfly princess were to meet Max and decide to be one of his girls, unless you want to count the loss of her wings as the tragedy of loss similar to the other girls. Because so far the loss of family seems to be a common ground that those in Max's harem share which is depressing but also gives these kids a chance to have a new family. The only other thing to wonder is how many girls will be in the harem if anything we could say the number will be between the number of girls in Deamon's harem and the number of girls in Daniel's harem. Whatever the number turns out to be it safe to assume that Max can join the club of the most fortunate guys in the entire world of Eden for having the love of so many girls who care about him, and at least he won't be alone considering what happens to his sisters, and Mika's situation being up in the air.