So as of the latest book Act Xl we have learned that a certain Jinx has the ability to go into dreams, and I wonder what else Star could do. Considering how Daniel's magic work by gaining an ability based on the girls own racial abilities or as a manifestation of their personality traits it makes me wonder what other abilities are possible. Take Star as an example we already know from her character sheet that the ability Daniel gets from her if reflection but if Daniel advances enough in his magic maybe he can also gain the ability to go into other peoples dreams like Star can. If so then he can eventually gain the ability to control the elements of fire, earth, and water courtesy of Alyssa, Squeak, and Speeca. Another way that that Daniel's magic could evolve is by being able to create a full suite of armor so that he can look like a proper knight. From what we know about Daniel's magic is that its both rare and full of possibilities so I guess we will have to wait and see how he grows from here. .