Ever sense her introduction in Act Xl I've wondered what is up with Vale the Pixie. Her personality aside what are pixies exactly are they similar to faeries in terms of abilities. How exactly do they breed do they also need the love of a female? One thing for certain unlike faeries Vale shown so far that pixies have a more mature mindset. What will her introduction mean for the series maybe Vale will act as a form of transportation for Max's group across Eden. Other than that not much is known about Vale as a character or pixies in general as not much has been given about her race. Maybe once Daniel and his group visit Shadow's Refuge and meets Vale we will get more information it will defiantly be interesting to see how Pip will react to see her as well as how she and Vale will interact with one another. Also, does this mean that other monster groups will have species that they will be closely related to but be different. Like a Unicorn centaur. A Sorceress monster race who are like Witches but look like mature young women rather than girls in their teens/adolescence. We already know that there are goblins so maybe there are hobgoblins who unlike their counterparts will be smarter and more attractive to the eye. Other than that I don't know what other monster races could have a closely related counterpart but might be more that have their similarities while being members of different monster races.