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• 2/10/2018

Alternate Harem Partners

This post is for speculation regarding the remaining unknown harem partners in Daniel's family and the completely unknown pairings in Daemon's.

As we know with Daniel's harem the girls don't just engage in lovemaking with him, they also enjoy playing with each other, both when waiting for their turn with Daniel during their group sessions and also during the day if the mood strikes them. While all the girls in his harem love and care for each other (Kitten is currently an exception) they appear to have a specific co-mate they fancy a little more than the others. Triska and Alyssa have formed a strong bond, Specca and Luna thoroughly enjoy each other's company, Squeak and Falla have a very obvious attraction with each other, and Pip certainly goes for Kroanette (and her breasts) with heightened energy.

But what about the remaining girls? Doku, Clover, Star, Cindy, and Kitten haven't joined in with the group lovemaking sessions yet. This obviously won't last forever, so the real question is which of their co-mates will they take a strong liking to in comparison to the others? Who do you think/want them to match up with, what are some pairings that you would like to see explored more or wished to have seen already, which girl x girl pairing seems more natural or fitting to you or seems like a good match-up to get Daniel fired up quicker from seeing ;)

As for Daemon's harem, this question could easily be expanded to include all of them. Will they all get along and share Daemon, or will this harem become a free-for-all (with or without lethal intent) to have only one girl worthy of being his left standing? Will the girls develop similar attractions to one or more of their co-mates like how Daniel's girls do? How will their dynamic compare to Daniel's harem?

I invite any and all readers to throw in their theories and hopes/fears/fantasies about the two harems and what we could possibly see in their future.
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• 2/11/2018
Okay. This is probably going to get VERY weird, so . . . just a heads up.

Perhaps Star and Doku could have some fun together. I mean, we know Star has a domineering tendency when it comes to intercourse, and that would fit with Doku because Star is a cat and Doku is a bird, and cats like to hunt birds. Doku could try to flutter away but -BAM- Star would teleport atop of her and snag her pray, ready to lay waste unto the captive harpy who will allow herself to the mercy of the scary kitty.

Most of the girls in Daemon's harem seem more competitive than the girls in Daniel's harem. They want to prove to Daemon that they're worthy of being his. Perhaps it will mount to an "every girl for themselves" contest, or perhaps Daniel's girls can show them the benefits of sharing as a group and forming a kind of family. After all, they all love Daemon and are thankful for what he's done for them. So long as that sword of his remains as a Chasity belt, however, they'll have to keep their desires at bay. And there's also the matter that Daemon needs to decide what HE wants.

As for the girls themselves, I can almost see Sasha and Rulo getting closer. The two are like sisters and have spent the most time around Daemon as compared to the others. Perhaps their "fight" for Daemon could end up being rough yet playful.

As we all know, Tabitha and Forrus DO NOT get along, so I'm not sure if there's much hope for them. They could, perhaps, form a cordial friendship, but a romantic one? Something would have to happen first.

As for Scay. . . She wants to stab everyone and laugh as their corpses squirm underneath her long snake-like body. Or . . . perhaps she would like to be stabbed by something ELSE. Something that wouldn't cause her pain.
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