Triska and Kitten's Physical State

So as of Act Xl we've found out that Doku's healing magic has the opposite effect on Triska even though this has never happened before. This has posses a question as to what Triska and Kitten state of being is like considering how unique it is. Because as we are aware of by now they're two souls sharing one body, and as much as I hate to make such a comparison that in a way makes them the opposite of the Gemini that is one soul with two bodies. In regard to the Gemini this seems to give them a characteristic that make them hard to kill unless certain conditions are meet. Since Triska and Kitten Physical state is the opposite of that it would not be too out there to think that they would have unqiue characteristics of there own. One case is that when they switch control the body goes through a physical change from a body that looks human to one with demon atrabutes. While this seem interesting it could mean that if Kitten was injured while in contorl the body will still have the traits of a deamon even when Triska takes control and shifts back, which is why Doku's healing had the effect that it did. If this turns out to be the case it opens an interesting insight forts being that Triska is still technically human, at least once that has enhanced physical abilities as a result of the magic that changed her, but only while she controls the body and when Kitten is in control their body becomes that of a Cambion while she is in control. If this turns out to be true than it means one of two things. First, that they cannot allow Doku to heal them if Kitten ever becomes injure while in control and will have to heal on their own before it would even be safe to have healing magic used on them while Triska is in control and gets injure because in Kitten's case her physical injuries are hers instead of theirs. Second, that also means that if Triska ever get pregnant with Daniel's child she can still give birth to a boy because her body is technically human. What this would means is that while Triska and Kitten share a body they are still two different individual and the body will physically reflect that. While this may be hard to believe one thing I've learned about magic from reading fantasy is that not matter the magic system, whether or not its exact mechanics are explained, there will always be unexpected results that take advantage of even stranger loop holes.