I'll admit it when I saw that Kroanette escaped her capture I was glade that she would be returning to her family. Then, she get lost again and I got aggravated. I mean she was following Reiko and had Rolian following her from behind so how could she have gotten lost. While Kroanette's lack of a sense of direction has been an amusing running gag at this point its just annoying. But since she could be anywhere it does lead into some interesting development. First, if she runs into surviving Centaurs from her home she can come to the rescue with a cavalry at Green Haven. This would also mean that Daniel can get the support of the Centaurs because not only were they outmatched and lost their home they are in no position to argue against Daniel's ideals of making peace with humans. It also helps that Daniel has Kroanette as his mate since she has a claim as the next Centaur Empress. However, if this turns out to not to be the case we can see if Daniel's magic can allow him to sense where his mates are located either exactly or as a general direction. Because since he can see the auras of his mate its not that impossible that he could fell them over a distance and allow him to find them if they got separated, which is strange that no one mentioned this idea before. Wherever Kroanette is I hope she will return to her family soon.