Ok so far as of Act Xl Daniel and his group are mounting a rescue mission to save the Elves of Green Haven. Unfortunatly things are not going exactly that well what with Alyssa seting things on fire, and the Red Ant Girls set up explosive near their home. Considering all of this after the Gemini are dealt with is it possible Daniel will get the Elves support for his quest. Because as we know Sivil pretty much betrayed her people to the Sisterhood, assumed control of the Elves, and hate Clover. Even if the Gemini are killed I can imagine that Sivil will make things difficult afterwards just to spit Clover. But then again while Sivil does have a handful of follower I doubt all the Elves of Green Haven would be to keen on following her when they don't have the threat of the Sisterhood hanging over their heads. If anything once its revealed that Sivil betrayed them and hand a hand in their Prisstess being killed by the Gemini a larger portion of the Elves will most likely choose Clover as their leader, since Grace is still MIA until the group goes to Shadow's Refuge, which means that Daniel can still get the Elves support through Clover being his mate. If not and they still side with Sivil regardless of what she has done than the only way the Daniel can turn things around to get the Elves support is to find Grace and bring her back to her people who are more likely to side with a legitimate successor to their leadership rather than a usurper whose every decision has made things go from bad to worse for the Elves. Of course, this could change if during the battle with the Gemini Clover encounters Sivil finds out what she has done and kills her, because Clover is the better archer between the two, and become the leader after the battle. But how else could things turn out? Will Daniel be able to get the Elves support or will he have to get another group or race to support his quest? We will have to wait until Act Xll to find out which hopefully won't be that long of a wait.