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Will Daniel Learn The Truth About Twilight

As we know in Act Xl Daniel has come face to face with the Gemini, which means that he is going to reunite with Deamon because they both need the swords of legend they each currently possess in order to finish of the Dark Queen for good. What I am wondering is if this means that Daniel will learn the truth about Twilight and find out what she really along with the fact that she has been using his kind and compassionate nature. While I respect Daniel's chracter I found his compasion to be a critical weakness that could cause his down fall. There are some who would argue that there is nothing wrong with being compassionate and usual they would be right. But to quote a good author sometimes the most dangerous flaws are those that are good in moderation evil is easy to fight but lack of wisdom that is a very hard thing indeed. In the case of Daniel it is good to be compassionate yet he lacks wisdom as certain things still go right over his head as we have seen by the blissful environment that he and his mate have found themselves in making them a target for manipulation. They even forgot that Squeaks nest was in danger of running into a human city and being traped, but that is getting of topic. Since Daniel will see Deamon again it only makes sense that he learn the truth about Twilight. If not than he could find out from Kindra because after having her human come face to face with one Dark Queen and knowing that there are two more who are interested in him she will not likely sit by and do nothing. Even if she doesn't take part in the battle with the Gemni, especially since her sister keeps stopping her, there is no reason that Kindra cannot approach Daniel after the battle. Sure there's Aeon but while Kindra's sister Flarah may have a lets say relax personality I doubt she would wish any harm to come to her sister. Beside for all we know Kindra is fated to reunite with Daniel eventual so why not in Act Xll? Wile some will say because Twilight is watch Daniel that not exactly true she isn't watching him all the time especially right now as he face the Gemini so if there was ever a good time for Kindra to speak to Daniel about the Dark Queen's its now, and he could use all the help he can get.
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Obviously he will learn the truth at some point. It's only inevitable, just as it's inevitable that all the Dark Queens will be unleashed. They're the main villains in the series after all.

As for Daniel's "weakness", there is some knowledge there. It is true that Daniel's kind and trusting nature can potentially put him at risk or in danger. But please remember: Daniel did not trust Twilight when she first made contact. She was a disembodied voice and Daniel learned firsthand from Jovian and Jacqueline that you have to be careful about who you decide to trust. Things could end up turning sour, as they did with the Gemini.

Daniel may be a pacifist, and he may be extremely kind and forgiving, but he isn't foolish. He knows that trust is something that has to be earned, so he gives people the benefit of the doubt. He gave Rolian a chance to speak when she arrived in Ruhelia, which helped Daniel see that she isn't evil, despite being a monster so generally believed to be so. He gave Twilight the benefit of the doubt because of the situation and thus gave her a chance to be trusted afterwards because she helped save him and Kroanette from drowning.

Plus, Twilight is a skilled manipulator (just like the other Dark Queens). She knows how to get people to believe in her, whether through information or through gifts. She's given wisdom and a caravan to Daniel and his group. She knows how to keep up her act. Perhaps Daniel will find out the hard way, perhaps he'll find out beforehand, but I doubt Daniel will stop giving people the chance to prove themselves trustworthy, even after Twilight betrays him. Trusting others is, after all, a crucial basis for a civilized society.

As for quotes, there is a saying: "If you never trust anyone, you'll always live in fear." Eden is a world polluted by fear, from both humans and monsters. Nobody is getting along, nobody is improving, nobody is safe because they're so afraid to trust.

Yes, trusting can be dangerous, that's why you have to be careful and find out who is worthy of trust. Villains prey on trust; they know it can be exploited. Jovian & Jacqueline, Aeon, and Twilight have all exploited and taken advantage of people. What makes them so evil isn't just their powers and reputation. They're also evil because they care only for their self-gratification. They see trust as a weakness and those who count on it as fools waiting to be taken advantage of.

And the scary part is, you don't have be Dark Queen to be manipulative. Everyone can lie. Everyone has the potential be a monster.
Twilight is one of the main villains and is set to be the 'final boss' of the series so to speak, so it is inevitable that Daniel will find out the truth about her eventually. How and when that happens I won't say here but I can say that their 'friendship' will not last. Hopefully when that ends Daniel will be ready to face Twilight as an enemy rather than a friend, or at least he had better be...
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