This discussion is for those pondering the fate of Mika Harollson, especially after the events of Act XI. Of course spoilers ahead for those who haven't read that far yet and don't wish to peek behind the curtain too soon.

As it's been shown in Daemon's wiki page and harem shot Mika is fated to become a member of his group in time and join the ranks of Daemon and his fellow guardians. However unlike most of the girls Mika has a few hurdles to get over first before this can become a possibility.

First is of course her hidden sin that constantly haunts her, that being her past mistake of succumbing to her immoral feelings for her younger brother, Max. Although Mika does regret her actions a simple "I'm sorry" isn't going to cut it to make up for what she did to her own kin, so the question here is what can Mika do to make it up to Max and properly atone for her sin? Is redemption possible for her or will Max end up pushing her away entirely if he learns the truth? Not only is the guilt of her mistake eating away at her spirit but her dark secret is being used as leverage to manipulate her by Aeon. Which brings us to Mika's second 'blunder' of her life.

Mika released Aeon, the Dark Queen of time and harbinger of death, all in a vain attempt to silence the monster from spilling her secret. Her motives were, as Daemon's girls so rightfully said, selfish and idiotic. Now Aeon is free and changing events in the course of fate to suit her own goals, Nuci has become a slave to the Dark Queen and even murdered her three dear friends in her insanity, and Mika is last seen at the mercy of the Dark Queen who claims to 'have further use of her'. It goes without saying that before she and Daemon can get closer this little issue needs to be taken care of first and Mika needs to properly atone for yet another grave sin she's made. The question is how can she do it? Can she do it? What can she do to make up for yet another horrible mistake she's made? And more importantly, will this finally be enough of a slap to her face to get her to stop making so many grave errors in her life?

Feel free to post your thoughts, comments, and theories about Mika's unfortunate missteps and situation she's found herself in, as well as any ideas you may have on how you think she could rightfully earn her place in Daemon's harem later on.