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• 2/15/2018

Seraph the Tyrant

This discussion post is about the fourth and last Dark Queen to take the stage in Chronicles of Eden. Some spoilers regarding the other Dark Queens included, so proceed cautiously.

With the Gemini being challenged by Daniel, Aeon planning her own uprising by changing the course of fate, and Twilight lurking in her City of Eden as a sinister final boss, there's still one more Dark Queen to worry about it. Seraph the Tyrant, who so far has remained out of sight, is the last Dark Queen and villainess on the roster of big bads in the series to bring chaos and suffering to those in Eden.

So that begs the question, or in fact, any question regarding her as nothing has been teased yet except her name. What do you think this Dark Queen has in store for the heroes of the story? What will her unique power be as a 'Tyrant'? Is she already loose from her City of Eden or is she plotting her escape like Twilight is? Where in Eden could she be lying in wait? Throw out any guesses because you never know how close they could be to the truth, be it for better or worse.
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• 2/15/2018
Knowing the other Dark Queens, Seraph will probably cause a lot of trouble. She's one of the four antagonists after all. Eden will never be safe so long as the Dark Queens live.

As for her powers:
~An endless army of warriors?
~Able to take away someone's freewill?
~Undefeatable fighting skills?

As for where she is . . . I think I know. I have an idea . . . a crazy idea.

Let me ask. Daemon said he knows of the Dark Queens' locations, where they're imprisoned. But has he ever seen all the Dark Queens? Has he laid eyes on the Tyrant? If not, how can he be sure she's locked away?

What if Seraph was never sealed away? What if she slipped between the cracks? What if she out there, under a different name, plotting in secret?

What if she's right in front of us?
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