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• 2/15/2018

I Think I know What Aeon Changed

Ok so in Act Xl Aeon mention that the battle with the Gemini is going to go down differently. While it has been stated that Daniel and Deamon with fight together to kill the Gemini something has changed. With her mentioning of a little digging being done, and seeing what the Ant Girls have been up to before the last chapter in the book, I think I know what she did. Aeon had Nuci alter the tunnels so that the Ant Girls would place their bombs under different parts of Green Haven than what was originally planed. When the bombs go off they are most likely going to take out a few Elves along with the sisterhood. Considering Deamon's track record for interacting with Daniel's group and explaining himself after the two knights, which I am referring to Daniel and Deamon as. I have a feeling Daniel will assume Deamon had the bomb placed where they were on purpose furthering to lessening his trust in the mysterious swordsman. The only question is why would Aeon want Daniel to distrust Deamon? Personal considering the Dark Queens ability to see the future I think she know that Daniel and Deamon working together creates a force that a real that to ALL the Dark Queens besides the Gemini. If so than this shows that in the future we can expect the two to work together like this again, but maybe not for awhile considering the stunt Aeon pulled. Other than that I don't know what she could have changed, but maybe the author can give us a hint.
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• 2/15/2018
An interesting idea. However keep in mind what Aeon casually mentioned in the last chapter. The bombs going off prematurely the way they did was always going to happen, it was because of the faulty railway switch in the tunnel that brought about the incident. The 'digging' Aeon was referring to was Nuci blocking the tunnel under her command that Daemon's group was traveling on, halting them from reaching Green Haven. Nuci also made a remark to Rulo before the scene ended hinting that things might not have gone so well for them had they traversed any further.

As for a hint to what Aeon could be planning, it involves Daniel facing the Gemini alone.

You're certainly thinking outside of the box with your assumption, I like that. That's a good way of viewing these riddles as things in Eden aren't always as they seem :)
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