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• 2/16/2018

How will Daniel interact with Daemon and his girls?

In Act X, Twilight lied to Triska and the other girls that Daemon is an evil man, that he wants to kill her and steal her power. Sadly, from what we've read of their reactions, they believe her (though given that they don't know Twilight's true nature you can't really blame them). When the time comes for the groups to meet, Triska and the others will no doubt be distrustful of Dameon and his followers, perhaps even to the point where they start a fight. But what about Daniel?

Since Daniel is so openminded, he'll no doubt prefer to talk to Daemon before raising a sword if necessary. Triska and the others even speculated that this would happen, given how kind their man is. Seeing as Daniel and Daemon are getting closer to an encounter as of the end of Act XI, we can expect the groups to interact (maybe not immediately but eventually).

Now, this discussion has been talked about before, but what I would like to ask this time is how do you all think Daniel, in particular, will mingle with Daemon and the girls in his harem? Will Daniel become close friends with any of them? He's already met Tabitha and Saffron, though I doubt the latter's opinion of him has changed all that much.

Will they resent or ridicule Daniel, both for his beliefs and whatever else? Will there come a time where they are forced to work together, besides dispatching the Gemini I mean? Could Daniel help Daemon's girls become better people, such as finding out why Scay is so unhindged or help Mika find the strength to be redeemed? Perhaps these two issues will fall to Daemon, but I still think these groups have more to gain than lose if they befriend each other, especially considering the fact that Twilight WILL eventually escape.

Anyone have any thoughts or opinions?
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• 2/16/2018
Well first this may be happening sooner than we expected. After all even though Aeon made a few changes she did mention that the Gemini would still die, but for whatever reason she had Deamon and his group be delayed in their arrival to Green Haven. If I had guess, and this is coming from a comment the author made, Aeon wants Daniel to fight the Gemini on his own at least for a while. But that's a discussion for another time. As for what will happen when Daniel meets Deamon's Group I have a feeling what the interaction could be like, aside from Daniel being opened minded and hearing Deamon out. From my impression of the two men will get along well. While they have their differences both are aware that not all monsters are bad and only fight when necessary so they can find some common ground, he may also be open to Daniel's belief going as far as to complement Daniel for his determination to following his mission to the end regardless of the obstacles. As for the girls in Deamon's harem I can see Tabitha, Saffron, and Rulo underestimating him at least before witnessing Daniel fighting, and Aeon did hint that Daniel was going to surprise everyone which could mean that he is about to reveal another hidden talent. They also might belittle his belief a little until Deamon mentions that he thinks that it could be possible, at least Rulo and Saffron will change their tune because of their infatuation with Deamon. As for Sasha and Forrus they seem to wise to judge someone by their appearance so they might be more open to Daniel's beliefs. Scay is a bit of wild card, but considering Daniel's experience with Luna he might be ok. Now Hollia will be the most interesting one I would even say she falls into Sasha and Forrus' group of being to wise to underestimate him. But if her sister Kroanette make an appearance during or after the battle that could be interesting to see. She will be happy to see that her sister is alive and Hollia will be surprise to find out she has a brother in law. This will lead her to be defensive of Daniel's belief if not for familial reasons.
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