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• 2/17/2018

Will Rolian Find A Man

This discussion is about the possibility of Rolian finding a man. As we know the spider girl will most likely be traveling with Daniel and his group so I wounder if she will find a mate of her own? This was something she was crying about in Act Xl. Personally I think it would make a nice change to have a male character join the group. This also begs the question as to what kind of guy Rolian with find? My best guess it will be someone with a lot a patience to help her get through her drinking problem.
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• 2/18/2018
Another male character would make for an interesting development. By that, I don't mean another mate for Daniel or his harem, but rather a friend or ally. He would have to be on board with the idea of humans and monsters coexisting. I'm not sure how long Rolian will stay with Daniel and his group, but probably long enough for them to become good friends and assist in his quest.

As for a man, he'll need to be someone who is able to look past Rolian's appearance. Spiders are generally viewed as something scary, and arachne are normally cruel and violent in nature. However, Rolian, much like Bermuda, is a rare exception, but she must show that she is worth loving. In addition to overcoming her drinking, she needs to show her kind and friendly nature.

I have faith Rolian will find someone to love her. Someone as sweet as her deserves some love after such a hard and unfair life. Daniel and his mates will no doubt help her.

But you know who I think could help her the most? Kroanette. Not only did Rolian earn her friendship when she saved her, but the two women have something in common. Both have a human-like upper-body and the lower-body of a beast. Despite her lower half, Kroanette is viewed as beautiful to Daniel and is loved for who she is. He loves everything about Kroanette and gladly matted with her so they could have a daughter. Kroanette can help inspire Rolian to go forward and find love as well, learning to be proud of her appearance and know that it's what's inside that counts.
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