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• 2/19/2018

Something Milly and Mae said in Act VIII. . .

This may just be speculation, but I can’t help but recall this moment.

As we know, the Harollson sisters were in introduced in Act VIII. They proved to be very caring people and also very dangerous monster hunters. They earned themselves quite a reputation, proven by the request from Queen Leanna to slay monsters from the Sisterhood — a mission that, very sadly, resulted in poor Milly and Mae’s deaths.

However, before they and Mika set off to hunt the accursed monsters, they made a rather interesting statement about “the most capable monster hunter” in all of Eden: Benjamin Stonewell. (This is the very first time his name in mentioned in the series.)

From what the sisters said, Mr. Stonewell earned quite a reputation for himself when it comes to putting the hurt into monsters. But the part that stood out to me was something Milly and Mae questioned in regards to him and their mission: (see Ch.14, Loc 6638)

Mae: “You do realize that Benjamin could dance circles around us with killing monsters, right?”
Milly: “Yeah? If he’s so great then how come they didn’t give this job to him instead of us? The queen asked for US specifically. . .”

“. . . how come they didn’t give this job to him instead of us?” This question was stated so simply that none of the Harollson sisters gave it much thought. But it tickled MY brain in just the right way and is the reason I’m now writing this discussion.

What if Queen Leanna had a particular reason to ask the Harollson sisters to fight the Sisterhood instead of Benjamin Stonewell?

Now, the most likely answer to this question will be that Benjamin was much to valuable to risk losing or that there were simply far too many — even for him — to take on alone. But I ask you: could there have been another reason Queen Leanna asked Mika, Milly and Mae to head out into the bloodbath? If Benjamin’s the best, why not just give him a couple dozen soldiers to accompany him to fight the Sisterhood (or at least some of them)?

Additionally, it looks like Mika and her sisters may not have been properly informed about what kind of monsters they would be fighting. They didn’t expect scorpia, Blackwell Witches, or freakin’ ogres to be among those in the Sisterhood’s ranks. Either the report for the Harollson’s mission wasn’t aware of these monsters at the time OR the writer deliberately chose not to mention these creatures. But WHY would anyone want to do that?

But let’s not get carried away with this. In Act XI, Jovian & Jacqueline admitted themselves that they didn’t understand where a lot of these monsters were coming from, thus they didn't expect them. They just “wanted” to come here, they said. Whether this is because of a Beelzebub or something more sinister is unknown. As such, the report for the Harollson’s mission may have been written at a time when Queen Leanna wasn’t aware that these brutes had trespassed into Koskaysil.

Again, this could just be speculation that ultimately goes nowhere. Sometimes the simplest answer IS the answer. It doesn’t all have to be a big conspiracy, despite how exciting it would be.

What do you all think?
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• 3/15/2018
Leanna makes her debut in Act XII. Start thinking about these mysteries now while you can, soon she'll make everything known.
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