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• 2/20/2018

Hidden Desires of Daemon's Harem

Chronicles of Eden isn't just a story about wild adventures and bringing peace and order to a chaotic world. It's also a tale of horny monstergirls, and to say there's fanservice in the story is putting some of the content very mildly. When it comes to the girls of Daniel's harem there's a variety of not just personalities but also excitable fetishes that the girls have and want to experience, with each girl having a taste for a specific kink that really gets their monster energy burning. Each of their fetishes are listed in their bios and detailed in their pages as they're not just for fanservice purposes but also a way of Daniel accelerating his bond with that particular mate.

The second harem that's coming to be in the story is that of Daemon Warrick and his growing number of attractive followers. Their pages are mostly set in the wiki and they appear to mirror the structure of Daniel and his harem for the most part except for one thing. Instead of a Fetish section these girls have a Harem Role section, detailing how they fight and support Daemon during his journey. While this does reflect the type of harem they comprise it does leave a question unanswered: what kind of kinky stuff do these girls prefer that Daemon might want to know of when the time comes? Although Daemon doesn't use any magic such as Synergy with his followers the girls aren't all that different from Daniel's mates. They have needs and wants too after all. The question is, what would be fitting or even surprising fetishes that these dangerous vixens could have and want indulged with their beloved swordsman?

I invite any and all to voice their opinions and theories to this question. Is it critically important right now in the story? Not really. Is it fun to speculate and imagine? Very much so :)
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• 2/20/2018
Okay. I don't normally divulge into this sort of territory, but for the sake of this awesome series, I'll make an exception.

Seeing as Daemon's sword works as both a weapon as well as a chasity belt, it's hard to say with any certainty what he looks for in a woman. He's never had sex before, therefore has never explored much in the course of intercourse. Would that be considered sad or hilarious? He can take on hoards of beasts without drawing his sword, but at the thought of sex he's without a clue. . . . Yeah, I'll leave that to Mr. Gordon to decide. Perhaps Aeon and Twilight could heckle Daemon for his lack of experience. Maybe Daniel could give Daemon tips. . . .

As for the girls, we know that Rulo would enjoy being slapped around. She's like Triska: she likes being dominated and has a fetish for punishment. Perhaps Daemon could give her a good spanking or go hardcore when they're getting intimate. (...Wow it feels weird talking about this. I think I'm blushing!)

Sasha . . . I'm not sure if she's up for punishment like Rulo is. However, she will do ANYTHING Daemon wants her to do. This gives a lot of possibility to what her fetishes can be.

Forrus, like Tabitha mentioned, wants to be "Daemon's pet doggy." Perhaps she'd like being petted? Having her fur pulled? Being made to obey commands like "Sit," "Heel," or "Lick?"

Tabitha has also shown a joy for being petted. Perhaps she'd like to be smothered in gold or have her tail pulled. Or scratched behind the ears. Do it in just the right spot, and Tabitha will have a PURRfect night.

Scay just wants to stab. STAB STAB STABBY STAB! Or . . . perhaps SHE'D like to be stabbed for a change. YOU know what I'm talking about — WINK ;-).

Hollia is much more gallant. She's a refined lady and would gladly let Daemon ride her 'til her legs give out. Perhaps she'd enjoy some toys like a riding crop. SAVE THE HORSE, RIDE THE COWBOY!

Saffron, like Squeak, enjoys having her abdomen scratched, but since she's a lot more assertive than Squeak, she may like it rougher. Perhaps a bit of wrestling would be nice, or being smothered with her own fiery red hair.

Mika . . . I don't know. Besides being viewed with contempt for her actions, I have a feeling Mika's mind may no longer be in the best shape, so until she's not feeling like a tormented mess it'll be a while before Mika can try for Daemon's heart. It may take her the longest seeing as she'll probably be more interested in redemption than procreation. Plus the very idea of sex will probably jar bad memories and add to her overwhelming guilt. I have hope for Mika, both in her becoming a better person and in finding love, but where her hope and love will appear is unknown.

Minos. . . Honestly, I have no clue for our bashful minotaur here. What Daemon could do for her is beyond me. I mean, he could probably fit his whole self inside her . . . OH MY, that . . . that is REALLY dirty. I mean . . . whoa. . .

Well, that was awkward, but also intriguing as it really made me think in a way I normally wouldn't. I hope this discussion was helpful (or at least fun to read).
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