Some spoilers for those who haven't read up to Act XI in this post, proceed with caution.

This discussion post is about the confrontation of Daniel and the Gemini sisters at the end of Act XI. It's been a long time coming. After spending seven books apart Daniel has finally come face to face with the twisted twins and is preparing to take them both on in order to stop them from harming any more innocent lives in Eden. So this begs the big question that's left at the end of the latest book: how is he going to stop them?

Though he is armed with the Hellfire's Edge and clearly has the fighting spirit to stand against the Dark Queen without fear he is also well aware that the only known way to kill the Gemini is to pierce both their hearts with the Hellfire's Edge and the Archlight's Blade, with the latter being in Daemon's possession who is currently halted further away from Green Haven in a conflict of his own. Even so he's obviously prepared to fight the near-immortal twins and protect Clover and Felucia, but what's his plan to save them? How is he going to stop the Gemini from waging war against Rockhelm with their army? Why does Aeon want him to face the Gemini alone with only one of the swords of legend? Fighting the Dark Queen does show bravery, but if it's futile then isn't it also foolish? What do you think Daniel will do to stop the Gemini?

The next Act opens just as everyone is expecting, with Daniel taking on both Jovian & Jacqueline to stop them from spilling any more blood in Eden. He has a family to protect, monsters to unite, and a dream of a peaceful world to bring to life, and the first step to that is bringing down the Dark Queen of anarchy. Voice your ideas and hopes for what he will do, and prepare for the long-awaited showdown in Act XII.