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• 2/22/2018

Eden's Secret

This discussion is in regards to the mysteries surrounding Eden's past and the clues that have been whispered in the books for those who can catch them. While it's no secret at this point that not everything is as it seems or thought to be in Eden, there's something else hiding, almost in plain sight, about the world that almost nobody seems to see or remember. Some examples are:

-The very first opening citation in the series
-The creation of the Cities of Eden, supposedly by humans themselves
-The Dark Queens arrival in the world and their imprisonment
-The key fragments and materials used in building the ancient cities
-What Sasha almost let slip when speaking to Mika in Act X

There are numerous hints scattered through certain books that point to a bigger truth that's so far remained hidden and forgotten to most of the world. Needless to say at some point something special is going to be revealed and change much of how Eden is viewed, but until then I invite any and all to voice their thoughts and guesses as to what secret lies in wait in Eden's shadow.
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• 2/23/2018
"You'd be surprised what humans have created in this world,"
~Act X, Ch.12, Loc 5543

"The only real monsters were that of mankind itself."
~Act I, Ch.1

There is, indeed, a dark secret to this world. The world of Eden is a place that's shrouded in secrecy and a hidden past. There are those who remember, those who don't remember, and those trying to uncover the truth. Everything seems to lead back to that one moment, to a time when everything changed to create the world as we know it.

The Dark Queens are a sinister remnant of the past. Those cities, which became their prisons, were abandoned to rot: the ancient ruins of a lost civilization. Given the materials, how the metal and tools were imbued with magic suggests it was a time where knowledge was much more shared and more advanced. Compared to the world of Eden as it is now, which is medieval-like, it seems the old magic was either abandoned or forgotten.

Vale probably knows this. Her wings seem familiar to the backgrounds of both Aeon and Twilight's illustrations. She's the oldest being in Eden (or at least one of them). She knows the past. Whether she's spoken of it or not is unknown.

And perhaps the most sought-out answer of all: the origin of all monsters. The Genesis. Where did they come from? How did they come to be? Why are they always female? Is it a curse, something in the genes, or is someone responsible?

So many mysteries. It's a highlight of the series. I wonder what warm unspoken secrets are left to learn. We'll know when the time comes. In the meantime, let the theories keep our brains busy.
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