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• 2/26/2018

A Contradiction about Sivil?

I'm not sure if this is correct, but I fear I may have discovered a contradiction in the series, one that doesn't make sense with what's happened thus far.

It's about Sivil. You see, I was under the impression that Sivil was the advisor to the priestess of Green Haven; that being she worked for Celine. In Act IX and Act X, she showed that she had command over Green Haven's archers, which helped in her coup to overthrow Celine. This all implies that Sivil was, at the very least, LIVING in Green Haven at the time.

HOWEVER, in Act XI - Ch. 19, Clover claimed that Sivil had been "kicked out" of Green Haven for mistreating the elves. If this is true, then it makes no sense that Sivil would be Celine's advisor, let alone be put in charge of the priestess' best archers — not if she had been banished.

Could someone please clear this up? Unless there's a catch here, I don't understand how BOTH sides can be true.

Unless . . . what Celine said in Act X implies that Sivil had LONG SINCE been banished.

"...I do not trust you, Sivil. No more now than when I last saw you."
~Act X, Ch. 5

No more than when I LAST SAW YOU. Celine also mentioned that Sivil was "replaced". At the time, I assumed Sivil had simply been demoted. But did Celine mean "exiled"?
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• 2/26/2018
To answer your question, Sivil was in command of Green Haven's royal guard up until the time Clover was dispatched to seek Celine's treasure that was stolen. Sivil was the original adviser and trained the royal guard at Green Haven until she was thrown out for her mistreatment of the elves. Just as Sivil had boasted and has shown, there are many elves who are loyal to her and remained as such even after her 'exile'. To clarify the order of events:

-Sivil was in charge of the royal guard and Celine's adviser before and after Clover first arrived in Green Haven. Clover declined any higher position offered by Celine and remained a simple huntress for her despite Celine's high praise for her.
-Sivil was finally exiled by Celine. Clover remains in Green Haven however does not take her role officially, yet the high maidens and the priestess agree she should be in command of the guard regardless and consider her Sivil's 'replacement'.
-Sivil had Celine's treasure stolen to draw Clover away to her death in Rackleholm and remove her from Green Haven by having one of her devoted followers steal the artifact.
-Sivil encounters Jovian & Jacqueline and joins The Sisterhood to force Celine's hand, assuming Clover is dead by now.
-Sivil has assumed the role of priestess, with her followers now helping her take control over all the elves.

Essentially the elves of Green Haven are divided, with those that were trained by Sivil remaining loyal to her while the rest hate her guts. This will come up in the next book, as it's not just the elves of Green Haven vs The Sisterhood. It's the elves of Green Haven vs The Sisterhood and the elves of Sivil.
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