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• 2/28/2018

A Future Map?

I know this has been discussed at least once before, but has anyone thought of there being a map to the series? (Wait a minute. . . I just answered my own question. . . [facepalm])

I understand if now's not the time, but perhaps when the world of Eden is explored a little more, both in land and emotion, we could see an actual image of this world: its cities and towns, its mountains and forests, perhaps even a full view of Rockhelm.

I'll gladly help pay for the commission if needed (so long as it's reasonable and not outrageous like $500).

I had me a glance on DeviantArt and found some cartography artists who have drawn some unique fantasy maps:

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• 3/1/2018
Region maps are planned later on. The artists I hire for artwork are currently busy with other commissions that take precedence before them. Of course if anyone wants to have the maps or images made for locales in the series that's perfectly fine. The more artwork to showcase these places the better, especially when there's sections for Locations in the wiki that are in need of updating soon.
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