She can't be killed, she can reverse any damage done to herself, and, to top it all off, she can predict whatever someone's going to do BEFORE they do it!

Needless to say, Aeon makes for quite the scary villain. To say she's overpowered is putting it lightly. With powers such as hers, how can anyone possibly defeat her?

And that's today's discussion: How do you think Aeon can be defeated and/or destroyed? Feel free to contribute your ideas, as well as add on to what I list here.

Here's my ideas. Give that we know so little about Aeon as of right now, they won't be too detailed:

1. Understanding Aeon's Past -- To defeat thine enemy you must know thine enemy. In other words, knowing how Aeon came to exist could shed some light onto her secrets, and I believe I am quite mistaken if I were to think Aeon wanted any of HER secrets getting out, most specifically those relating to Veronica, Nuci's beloved mother.

2. Immunity to her Power -- We learned that Flarah, in addition to a man and two reptile girls, are able to completely resist Aeon's time control and omniscient sight. If there's a way to take advantage of this, it'll make fighting Aeon all the easier. However, that's no reason to get cocky. This unknown power only grants a person protection from Aeon's control and perception. She can still undo any and all damage to herself. Think of it as having an impenetrable shield, but no weapon to strike back with.

3. Something Stronger than Aeon's power -- Perhaps there's something so powerful, not even Aeon's chronological control can reverse it. An attack, a weapon, a spell, a secret that so damaging, not even Aeon can stop it.

4. Erased from Existence -- Perhaps Aeon's like Zachary Comstock (Bioshock Infinite), in which case "it'll only be over when [she] never even lived in the first place".

5. Twilight -- Aeon's semblance may be time itself, but Twilight's semblance is magic. Since Aeon's relies so heavily on her magic, would that make Twilight the superior Queen? Perhaps Twilight's appetite would appreciate having Aeon as a treat. Given how powerful the Chronofly is, Aeon would probably be a feast to Twilight's gluttony.

6. The Unseen Variable -- Aeon forged her path to freedom by extorting Mika's dirty little secret. She saw a chance at freedom and seized it without hesitation. The question here is, "How far into the future did Aeon see?" Did she see her future as the ruler of Eden? Or . . . did she only see as far as she wanted? We have to remember: Aeon's ability to predict the future is only approximative. She can't possibly see everything that ever will be because every decision, every action molds the course of the future. Again, just imagine how much sickness it causes her every time someone does something unexpected.

Could there be something Aeon's not seeing? Is there a fatal flaw to her brilliantly evil scheme that could unravel everything? Is there a variable, a secret, a danger that would could make Aeon wish she was never released from her cage?

What if she inadvertently set her own demise into motion by jumping the bid for freedom too early?