So like we've learned from the Harpies and the Elves the information on monster races is not all that accurate. This has me wondering if the Bovinette are as intelligent as others say they are. The image that has been given is that while they are a peaceful race they are dumb and used as livestock. Since everything is not as it seem this has me thinking that it could be possible that the Bovinette living in captivity could be drudged by humans to make them as slow witted as people seem to assume that they are. Unfortunately until we see Bovinette who are not raised on human farms we won't know what they are really like until Daniel's group has an encounter. Another thing I am wondering is when is Daniel going to see the Nixi because Specca has hinted that it would be one of their stops but we haven't heard much sense. It makes me wounder where the Nixi's are and what their leadership is like and whether Daniel can convince them.