This discussion post is in regards to the mysterious material shown in Act X, the lust-inducing metal known as Luststone.

While resembling the likes of the ancient metals of the forgotten Cities of Eden and their key fragments, this stuff is clearly different in a noticeable way. As it was shown when the girls stumbled across in in Twilight's study, even a small piece of this rare and mystical steel can drive any monster, even a succubus, to the brink of what extreme pleasure and lust can be, and then take them even further, whether they're prepared or willing for it or not. A small hand-sized rod of the stuff would be enough to reduce any monster to a wailing, moaning, convulsing, mindless husk who drowns in sheer pleasure that's instilled into every fiber of her being. As Twilight firmly warned the girls, prolonged exposure to this stone will drive any monster mad, robbing them of their senses and turning them into slaves of the luststone that they will obsess over forever. To humans, it's powerless. To monsters, it's incredibly dangerous.

So that raises a few questions. Where might more of this stone be found? What others may know of it, either in fear or obsession? How dangerous could this be in the world? And worse yet, if a small rod can bring a monster to her knees in sheer ecstasy, what would a large amount of it do? Make no mistake, luststone will come into play in this story again, it's just a matter of what pleasures, or nightmares, it will bring with it.