Felucia is a sand wraith with a carefree personality and the mother of Cindy.


Being a sand wraith her clothing is only a manifestation for her looks and are actually made of her sand. She 'wears' a tight fitting brown skirt, a white belly-bearing top, and a small blue shawl tied over her bust. She has long green hair and blue eyes.


Felucia initially comes off as a self-centered and carefree person, and she mostly is. She prefers to do what she wants when she wants, just as most sand wraiths typically do. She's devoured many people into her being in her past, evidenced by how she's given birth to her daughter Cindy shortly before their introduction into the story. While she seems to think nothing of everyone else around her she does genuinely care about her daughter and wants to raise her to be just like her, though she will be the first to admit that Cindy isn't the brightest girl around. It's difficult to say if she's evil, as she doesn't appear to show malice or hatred towards anyone, rather she just devours her prey simply for fun and to reproduce without seeming to think of the moral implications of it.


Felucia is first seen in Act V with her daughter Cindy as they meet with Ember in a monster tavern. It's shown that the two have been hired by Ember to help track down Alyssa, although Felucia appears very aloof about it and rather uninterested in helping Ember. In an effort to cover more ground she and Cindy split up with their search, with Cindy heading towards Ruhelia while Felucia travels north.

She is next seen towards the end of Act IX with Jovian & Jacqueline having captured her along with The Sisterhood. After a failed attempt to devour Jovian, not knowing she was a gemini, Felucia is forced into being their slave and becoming their torture and sex toy during The Sisterhood's invasion of Green Haven. Surrounded by dangerous monsters and many sources of fire that could be lethal to her, Felucia reluctantly obeys the gemini's commands with quiet defeat. At the end of Act XI Daniel and Clover discover Felucia in the priestess' palace and reveal to her that Cindy is in Green Haven with them as well. Jovian & Jacqueline decide to find and enslave the younger Cindy while opting to kill Felucia for daring to speak against them.

She is currently in the company of Daniel and his family at the end of Act XII after being rescued by them along with the elves of Green Haven.


  • Felucia's character and appearance is brought into Chronicles of Eden from a fanfiction the author has written for Rosario+Vampire, "Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness". In the fanfiction she's a doll demon with the same regenerative abilities.