According to legend, The Well is claimed to be an enormous power source. Whoever should wield this power would have the ability to reshape and very well conquer the world of Eden.

Like the Dark Queens of Eden, the Well is being contained through magical keys — in this case, four. And ironically enough, the keys were all divided and entombed along with the Dark Queens, perhaps to prevent and discourage anyone from taking the keys.

Flarah, the past guardian to the Gemini, deliberately set Jovian & Jacqueline free so as to obtain their piece of the Well. She is under orders to gather the keys for her master: a mysterious hooded man with two reptile girls as servants and who holds an ominous aura and frightening strength. However, Flarah has no intentions of giving her "master" the keys to the Well and, instead, plans on taking the power for her own and make herself a goddess in Eden.